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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

In the spirit of “giving back” we wanted to gift a little something to our great Celebuzz readers with a trendy treat!

Whether you’re in sunny California, the cold East Coast or anywhere in between, we know you love to accessorize an outfit with some fashionable shades! With its debut collection of chic eyewear, Shauns Shades is on a mission to help the visually impaired. Each time someone purchases a pair of Shauns Shades, one of the 285 million people around the world who suffer from visual challenges will receive a pair of glasses as part of the “BUY ONE GIVE SIGHT” project. Now, it’s your chance to snag one of these fabulous shades. Perfect for any outfit and anyone!

Here’s how to enter:

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us why you should be the owner of Shauns Shades! You can also connect with Shauns on Facebook and Twitter

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will close on Wednesday, December 14th at 9 AM EST.

Get commenting!




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  • Lisa Aukstinaitis
    Lisa Aukstinaitis

    I know this is technically closed but I want to comment. I'm going on a cruise in March and these would be fabulous! I misplaced my Coach sunglasses in the summer and would love to have a replacement as amazing as these. (@l_marielle)

  • Laura White
    Laura White

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  • DolceMel

    My eyes are extremely sensitive to the sun and I could definitely use a new pair of sunglasses to rock everyday, instead of wearing my same old ones that I have.

  • Denisha Peterson
    Denisha Peterson

    the sunglasses are hot and would love to own them

  • Kayla Stratton
    Kayla Stratton

    I would love to win these and give them to my fiance for Christmas. He is VERY much into stylish shades. He would love these, and rock the look too. ;)

  • KH Bride
    KH Bride

    I would love to have these. I'd probably give them to my husband. He's always losing his sunglasses and never has had a nice pair. I know if he had these he wouldn't lose them :)

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas
    Mina Di Marco Rosas

    I should have these because if anyone like my hubby and I wears contacts theyll know you must always have some good shades for those windy days, hot days even cold days. Being that im a mom on the go and a everyday contact user my eyes always get dry with the wind and if im driving and its hot or i need the heater i cant even direct it torwards my face because my eyes dry out, we need to be careful when theres a windy day that nothing flies into our eyes. Its stressful enough not to have great eye vision and its even worse to have contacts....These glasses would soo make up for the hassle and make a world of a difference for me. :)

  • Erica Best
    Erica Best

    my brother would love this for Christmas gift

  • Jd Drenchek-Scavo
    Jd Drenchek-Scavo

    I should have these because I wold rock these on our cruise and in the bahamas.

  • Divina Villanueva
    Divina Villanueva

    I should definitely be the owner of Shauns Shades because i'm a huge sunglasses fanatic and I recently lost mine and so I've been going crazy without!

  • Pam Goldman
    Pam Goldman

    My niece just got her drivers license, it's so sunny here I would love to give here a good pair of shades to wear while driving in the glaring sun.

  • Lauri Tee
    Lauri Tee

    Well i personally think that i should become the owner of these amazing shades because i forgot my shades to europe and in sunny california this is a crucial mistake, so it would be awesome to get some serious american hospitality! Cmon guys!

  • cheshiregryn

    I should win because I collect sunglasses! I like to have the perfect pair to accessorize whatever I choose to wear for the day..everyday. Here in South Beach sunglasses are a necessity so I'll be needing these beauts. Thanks!

  • cmpetree

    So I can wear them at coachella!

  • danielleakame

    well i should be the very lucky winner because i always have to wear sunglasses. i still sneeze when the sun hits my eyes and that is supposed to go away when you are a child. plus they are super cute and i would wear them everywhere!

  • egood33

    I should be the lucky owner of these shades because I'm always on the go and need to protect my eyes in style!

  • Camila García
    Camila García

    Because I love the glasses I always carry around in my bag are a subject that should be present. I would love to earn it because they are fashionable glasses and also would serve me much because my eyes are sensitive to the sun! Thank you

  • Michelle Giorgi
    Michelle Giorgi

    I should own these shades because I wear my sunglasses so I can see at night.

  • Nancy Burian
    Nancy Burian

    They're sexy glasses and right now I could use the boost while I'm out and about looking for my Prince Charming!

  • zach

    so that I can look stylish while trying not to be blinded by the winter sun and snow in michigan! Take pity on me for freezing over here!

  • Weiisoli Granda
    Weiisoli Granda

    I should be the owner of Shaun Shades because I live in a sunny area and I need to protect my eyes from the sun the whole year and I would love to protect them with style!

  • Bailey Guillory
    Bailey Guillory

    I really want these! I can never buy anything for myself anymore because im a 23 year old with a 17 month old and an 8 year old stepson and a 6 year stepdaughter...all my money goes to them! this would not only make my day but my eniter life!

  • Mary Allison Burak
    Mary Allison Burak

    I would love to own a pair of hip sunglasses. . .being a stay at home mom it would add a little spice to my life!!! :)

  • rkaron

    I need to wear Shaun's Shades to help prevent my eyes from damage...and so that i dont squint and get wrinkles.

  • Harley Diven
    Harley Diven

    They'd make a good xmas present.

  • Joe Payso
    Joe Payso

    because they will hide away my ugly face

  • Joe Payso
    Joe Payso

    pick me please

  • greekmamaof2

    I would love to win a pair of Shaun Shades because I would love to have a fashionable pair of sunglasses!!!!!

  • Aron

    Because they'd look good on me, duh ;)

  • rainesmom

    My eyes are extremely sensitive! Would love to have a good pair of sunglasses - my current sunnies are old & covered with scratches....

  • Steven Messer
    Steven Messer

    Due to several surgeries to remove a traumatic cataract in my right eye I need to wear sunglasses whenever it is bright outside or else I cannot comfortable keep that eye open, it's weird having conversations with one eye open.

  • wheat636

    I always keep a pair in my car, and these would be perfect to spice up an outfit. My last pair died after being sat on!

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    I should be the owner of Shaun Shades because I have sensitive eyes and I love to wear trendy sunglasses :)

  • Catalina Gude
    Catalina Gude

    I am always wearing sunglasses when I leave the house. So it would be nice to have new pair of sunglasses that stylish along with my red VW bug!