Katherine Heigl: I Want Everyone to Like Me (PHOTO)

Bikini Time for Heigl
Katherine hits the beach!
Katherine Heigl has become known for her – how do we put this lightly? – outspoken behavior, all of which was on full display in the January 2012 issue of ELLE, on which she graces the cover.

The divisive actress, who appears in this weekend’s ensemble comedy New Year’s Eve, spoke candidly to the magazine about her antics, the stress of her career and why, despite everything, she just wants people to like her.

“I’ve never really been America’s sweetheart …” she said. “I had ’em for a second thinking maybe I was. And then I opened my mouth, and it was very clear I wasn’t. There’s so much of my mother’s caustic, sarcastic, irreverent take on things. But I also love and embrace it.”

“I’m just that a****** who really wants everyone to like me, and it’s a ridiculous goal and it’s an impossible goal,” she added. “But I think if I just keep pushing forward and showing myself through and through, they will see me again for what I really am and not what has been sort of spun about me.”

As for how she’s dealing with stress, Heigl says she’s found the answer in a “happy pill” she found at Whole Foods, of all places.

“I take a stress relief formula from Whole Foods,” she said. “I call them my happy pills. Yeah, it helps me. In fact, I should’ve taken one today. I’ve done it to myself. I’ve created a chaotic life, and then I get on edge because of it.”

For more on Katherine Heigl, be sure to pick up a copy of ELLE when it hits stands on Dec. 20.