Lea Michele Talks ‘Glee’ & ‘Embarrassing’ Casting Rumors

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Lea Michele stars in New Years Eve, out Friday, but it’s her possible casting Les Miz that has the rumor mill going. Lea is supposedly up against Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, and Evan Rachel Wood for the lead role.

“How embarrassing if I don’t get it! ” laughed Lea to New York Magazine. “I was just talking to my publicist yesterday that it didn’t used to be like this in the business: I’ve been up for a lot of movies before that I really wanted to get, but now, people know a lot more than they used to and it’s all out there.”

“Like, I remember when my co-star Dianna [Agron] was up for Spider-Man that the news was online, and I felt really uncomfortable for her,” continued Michele.

She added:

“I mean, yeah, it’s super cool that you’re in consideration, but it’s also a really private thing, and then if you don’t get it … but I’m happy to be considered, and I’m happy to be in the realm of the other girls who are being considered because that’s the coolest thing for me. When I heard the other people they were considering, I was like, Wow, this is awesome. I became like, a fan dork girl.”

A rumor out there Michele does squash is that she has beef with Glee creator Ryan Murphy.

“Ryan’s the greatest. He called me the other day and he goes, ‘Doll, they’re writing a story that we hate each other! I’m so upset, how could they make that up?'” Lea says, before adding:

“I mean, he’s been my best friend for years, and it’s so funny the stuff that people make up, because the reason that his shows are so successful is because he’s such a genius and he’s so involved.”

You can catch Lea in New Years Eve out this Friday.

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