Meet the All-Star Cast Of ‘New Year’s Eve’ (PHOTOS)

Zac on 'NYE' Set!
Zac Efron films in NYC.
It’s not often enough that we see a movie  that has this much star power.

Name your favorite Hollywood star or starlet, and chances are they make an appearance in New Year’s Eve, the romcom that has generated huge buzz  and serves as the sequel to 2010’s runaway hit Valentine’s Day.

Director Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman)gets huge credit for bringing stars together that we normally wouldn’t see on the same screen. From Robert DeNiro to Zac Efron, we witness both the newer and older generations of Hollywood coming together. And just what led to Marshall featuring Glee star Lea Michele in his film? He told E!:

“She’s from the Bronx, you know—my neighborhood. She came to me and said, ‘I’m from the Bronx, you’re from the Bronx. I should be in your movie.'”

That’s reason enough for us. In anticipation of the star studded New Year’s Eve movie hitting theaters today, Dec. 9, Celebuzz has compiled a gallery featuring the megastars you will see when the film hits theaters, and the characters they will be playing. Will you be watching New Year’s Eve? Check out the trailer below: