Robert Pattinson Praises ‘Sexy’ Girlfriend Kristen Stewart

Rob & Kristen's Premiere!
The couple cuddles up on the Breaking Dawn carpet
Have we all moved on from the Robert Pattinson and Sarah Roemer outing? After getting papped at dinner– with a large group of business acquaintances, mind you– the sighting caused quite a stir. Well, Celebuzz is assured that Rob and real-life girlfriend Kristen Stewart are good as ever, so lets move on to drama free news.

Rob gave a great interview to Capricho magazine where he raved about Stewart. He was asked if he agreed with Taylor Lautner’s statement that Kristen was sexy as a vampire:

“Of course, a sexy goddess. She looked amazing. It was funny because Bella is that girl that is always tripping on things, and then, she turns into this elegant woman, like a vampire queen.”

Oh, and about that sexy sex scene, Rob says there was something he was concerned with: 

“I was worried about protecting [Kristen]  because, you know, in that situation, everything is more complicated. But in the end, she was more comfortable with her body than I was with mine!”

“I was trying to keep the sheets covering us during the breaks between scenes. But it was more because of me than Kristen [laughs],” Rob told the magazine. “Have to be judge by how I look like is terrifying. — I avoided that the whole saga.”

When asked to describe Stewart:

“She’s great. Ok, that was awful [laughs]. She’s ambitious.I like that obsessive determination she has to be herself. She’s amazing. She takes the things she says too seriously, kind of like the opposite of me.”

Check out more of the adorable interview right here!