Robert Pattinson Praises 'Sexy' Girlfriend Kristen Stewart

Have we all moved on from the Robert Pattinson and Sarah Roemer outing? After getting papped at dinner-- with a large group of business acquaintances, mind you-- the sighting caused quite a stir. Well, Celebuzz is assured that Rob and real-life girlfriend Kristen Stewart are good as ever, so lets move on to drama free news.

Rob gave a great interview to Capricho magazine where he raved about Stewart. He was asked if he agreed with Taylor Lautner's statement that Kristen was sexy as a vampire:

"Of course, a sexy goddess. She looked amazing. It was funny because Bella is that girl that is always tripping on things, and then, she turns into this elegant woman, like a vampire queen."

Oh, and about that sexy sex scene, Rob says there was something he was concerned with: 

"I was worried about protecting [Kristen]  because, you know, in that situation, everything is more complicated. But in the end, she was more comfortable with her body than I was with mine!"

"I was trying to keep the sheets covering us during the breaks between scenes. But it was more because of me than Kristen [laughs]," Rob told the magazine. "Have to be judge by how I look like is terrifying. — I avoided that the whole saga."

When asked to describe Stewart:

"She’s great. Ok, that was awful [laughs]. She’s ambitious.I like that obsessive determination she has to be herself. She’s amazing. She takes the things she says too seriously, kind of like the opposite of me."

Check out more of the adorable interview right here!



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  • mileyismylife

    Kristen is actually amazing, that dress on her is magical!

  • Thais

    such a joke. it's just a silly awards show with no merit but it still snigts. rob and kristen's best twilight saga performances were in BD1...both should have been nominated. birth scene, music, etc...all should have been nominated. joke of the year award goes to MTV.

  • Linda

    And you are the reining village IDIOT...

  • psychosis13

    I actually really like Kristen Stewart as an actress, despite dislike the whole Twilight franchise. She has real talent. Can't say the same for him, but he's alright. I wonder why he's defending her though when she so obviously wants to bang Chris Hemsworthy XD

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  • Solange Rodriguez Cornejo
    Solange Rodriguez Cornejo

    eres un amor te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • guest

    people if they want to be married that is their choice and i wish them the best of luck we should just keep our views to ourselves or it could make them feel pressured people saying it wont last can make them think if they are or do get married it wont last

  • gallove

    this couple are meant to be together for ever.. love u guys ever and ever!!

  • jess

    she is really pretty when she smiles. i just wish that she'd do it more often.

  • livian

    queria ganhar na mega sena e conhecer eles a te choro por quausa deles

  • llissel

    aaaww just the way she looks at him=) she's so in love<3 they both are<3

  • Lottie

    So beautiful. Haters can say whatever they want, Kristen beats all the fake, fame-hungry people around nowadays HANDS DOWN.

  • trish22

    I never said I didn't like them together. My only point is there has never been any real proof other than speculation and many people jumping to conclusions. And I know they don't owe anyone any sort of explanation. But their act of "are they or aren't they" only causes people to be more curious. If they wanted people to back off, they should admit it, show some real affection and then everyone would get bored and move on to the next couple. Or if they're not together, admit that too, so people won't freak out whenever they're seen out with someone else. Their secrecy is causing all the problems. If they're unhappy with the way they're treated by the press, they have no one to blame but themselves.

  • REZ


  • REZ

    So you just really don'tlike Robsten together ???!!!! Sure! Duuuuh - i don't see anything different from other mag printed scandals: Emily de Ravin, Natalie Portman(at the Oscars), another chick i can't remember, the redhead gf in London, his baby momma in London, Reese Witherspoon, Caitlin C and this was the last one. I have'nt seen any changes between Rob and Kristen apart from the fact that they do show it more easily their affection lately .You just keep spending time and time with your theories ignoring common sense. They wont give account to you for their private life( i find it repulsing) just so I wouldn't do it in their shoes. THis is not just a reply to Trish22, but to all.

  • daizy

    love birds

  • trish22

    Let me know where you got those fantasy glasses from. I'd like to get a pair of them for Christmas so I can see imaginary things, too.

  • juno

    Stop speculating.. if you believe all the rumors are true, then it could be true that Kristen is a Lesbian and she's just using rob to keep her real identity. I repeat.. there are 5 of them in the car... three of them in the back seat. Don't you notice that the paparazzis purposely cropped the third person seating at the back seat? Because they want to create a juicy headline. No one will get interested with Rob's lame sighting.

  • juno

    Wow.. what made you say that his true colors coming out? Because of one circumstance? When Kristen was caught having dinner with Garrett with group of friends, what can you say about that? I can't believe that when it comes to Rob's gossips, some fans of Kristen will conclude immediately about him. Grow up. If Kristen was in his place having dinner with other guys, you don't want to call her slut by others right?

  • juno

    A genuine fan of rob will respect his relationship (Kristen) and Kristen. Those who are obsessed with him hate Kristen. As if their opinions matter to him. They're just fans.. time will come that Rob might decide to quit acting and focus in other careers and family. If that time comes, what will happen to their illusions?

  • juno

    Yeah he never say it but he acted like he's her boyfriend by holding her hands, whispering her (sensual whisper) and even attempted to kiss her, caressing her, etc. How many times did you see that he's holding Kristen near her ass..

  • Super

    Actually this was said before that whole mess with Sarah. This website is a tad late. I read this on the web like a week ago.

  • samreen khan
    samreen khan

    i hate robert

  • Elena

    I love Robert and Kristen¡¡¡¡ They are so so so cute <3

  • fiore

    This type of gossip has happened before with his co-stars, and some who is not. It happens now and it will happen again. Poor guy! I just hope Rob does not disheartened with it, because I'd love to see more of him in this industry. :(

  • mirisue

    This is a joke! He is a two timing SOB! Now his team is paying to try to keep this humiliation out of the press and calm the fans after his fiasco with this slut! Kristen should kick him to the curb and go on to better things. She has guys waiting for her to dump Rob. I loved Rob and always have them as a couple but his true colors are coming out. He is no good for her and does not give a shit about her. He has a relationship with this slut who just wants publicity and is going to lead him into a lot of trouble. He has a drinking problem and he is going to ruin his career. I having been hearing that he is a joke in Hollywood.

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    yeahhh rob is with kristen!!!!!!!!!

  • simplydiffer

    OK, let me get this out of the way first. Don't be mad at me, but I just have to point this out. Strange how this interview came out the next day after that whole blonde lady fiasco. Just saying. I also think it's odd how they say all this cute, fuzzy wuzzy stuff to foreign presses and seem to think it won't get here to the U.S. OR the foreign press like to twist words. Just wanted to point that out also Saying all that, if this wasn't extremely calculated or never happened at all, that's cute of him. Hehe, "sexy goddess".

  • lisa

    (Rob, he never has admitted that KStew is his girlfriend.) He’s having fun, with friends and flirting with women The bartender told that when Rob is in LA he has been in there many times with Sarah and its always the same, kissing and making out with her. once a cheater always a cheater he broke kristen’s sad!! KRISTEN DESERVES A BETTER BOYFRIEND Rob never tried to spend his days off in London while she shooting there to it does not matter to him

  • Nora

    Love Rob! He's no idiot!!!

  • JJ

    I can not believe that anybody paid any attention to the ridiculous rumors about Rob and Sarah. Utter nonsense. The guy went out with two male and two female friends and all hell breaks lose!! I have to question these peoples sanity!

  • Billie

    Never had a single doubt about Rob. He knows how lucky he is to have found Kristen. He adores her. He is not going to screw it up.

  • pfft

    Ehh cheater

  • trish22

    Just because he sat next to another girl does not mean he was cheating. I'm still not saying that robsten are together, but him sitting next to someone does not mean they're having a torrid affair. You people have to get a grip on reality.

  • nani

    which girlfriend Sarah Roemer his gf in LA can be SARAH for all we know , This is NOT a businessness meeting,not even he was his manager, so stop spinning it that way. .there was no steph,nick, or his BG, it was a group of friends hangng out together on a sat night for drinks and dinner, one of them happens to be a HOT TALL LEGGY BLOND (who knows what happened after the bar, his hand was on her knee, their fingers touching, All the stories on the internet and during the promo tour looked like they were a happy couple They already had finished is time,they were not couple , and Sarah is the girl that have seen aRob (in secret), There aren't any photos until now because they had that maintain appearances by fans Very nice the way he is humiliating Kristen! Kristen does not deserve this she needs someone that she loves and respects her indeed, not slightly only for advertising, this damages her very much, I hope that there finds a man more been interested in her and not in his fame. He was unfaithful to Kristen

  • amour

    Grazie Taryn for another great article on our fave couple.

  • trish22

    My point was that he could have been saying that about anyone. He basically said what Taylor said, who's not supposedly dating her. There's nothing special about what he said about her.

  • trish22

    The people writing the article say it, not him. I'm not saying they're not together, I'm just saying he NEVER says it himself.

  • zuki

    rob'fans think she is not his girlfriend because he spend a dinner date with female friend.PEOPLE,rob's fan are delusional women

  • Laura York
    Laura York

    The only ones that were "stirred up" by the Rob Pattinson/Sarah Roemer incident was the media. We fans know that Rob's heart is true to Kristen and that they have a very healthy and mature relationship. Your gossip crap wont shake that knowledge. So stop trying to spread roomers about them just to sell your rag sheets. It's not working! If anything, it's only making us, the fans, angry.

  • Tracy

    Had you taken the time to click the link they provided, you'd see in the article introduction, just before the questions start, where it says..."Ah! Notice the loving way he talks about his girlfriend. ".....

  • straws

    Really? Because when asked about his girlfriend and he answers in regards to Kristen that seems pretty obvious to me. As the English boyfriend, I'm sure he's fine with the article's title.

  • Paula

    Really? If my brother called me a sexy vampire I'd kick him.

  • Super

    Lol... you wouldn't call your sister sexy.

  • Kristina Hendricks
    Kristina Hendricks

    Robert Pattinson is a wonderful guy, extremely handsome, and has an accent. For all you guys out there, be headstrong. Girls like strong men that aren’t afraid to show their true feelings at times. We need to know you’re reliable, say what you mean, and will always take care of us.

  • trish22

    Also, putting "girlfriend" in the title when it's never mentioned in the article is just as bad as those suggestive titles about him being out with another girl. Both are jumping to conclusions that have never been confirmed.

  • bubble

    just beautiful together we heart u robsten

  • trish22

    Yeah, he praises her, but there's still not one thing admitting to being a couple. He could have been saying that stuff about his sister.