Style-Savvy Sisters Kylie & Kendall Jenner Pose at Popstar Soiree (PHOTOS)

Kendall & Kylie Win!
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Kylie and Kendall Jenner had a big year in 2011, stepping out of their Kardashian half-sisters' shadows and attaining their own level of fame and recognition. This was proven on Tuesday night when the reality show sisters showed up dressed to the nines for the Popstar! magazine Break-Through Artists of 2012 event. 

Both teens showed off their own individual styles. Kylie, 14, wore a burgondy mullet skirt (short in front, long in back) that she paired with a sheer black dress and high heels. Her sister Kendall, 16, chose a light yellow blazer and a 90s-esque white and black collared blouse. She also showed a little leg with a pair of pumps and black bottoms. 

Kendall tweeted her excitement for the evening, writing: 

"Getting ready for @popstarmagazine "12 in 12" red carpet party! :D"
Which sister's style do you prefer: Kylie or Kendall's? Sound off in the comments!



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  • justaguy

    I'd like to titty bang her and jizz all over those things....wanna join me?

  • cookie

    kendall & kylie are such cute, stylish sisters! love em xo

  • dave1001

    Kylie may only be 14 but she's already well developed and has big tits just like her older sisters. With a figure like hers, she should dress to show it off, not cover up.

  • mel86

    she is still a young grasshopper...needs alot more to learn give her some time lol !!!

  • mel86

    oh my poor child lol!!!

  • barbi

    you should go to some school and see how teens look like now and then say that isn't age appropiate!

  • Jasmine

    Should have worn a black bra, other than that I love the outfit

  • Brooke

    They're on a red carpet, what are they supposed to wear then, sweatpants?

  • D

    Petition?? Really??? Get a life!!

  • bree

    shut the f*&$ up people. Nothing wring with it!!

  • hottieville805

    Aww so fab!!!


    Shes really pretty


    Hahahaha you're an idiot!

  • Lorie

    I actually love this look

  • Nicole Walker
    Nicole Walker

    go sign the petition and lets get rid of the kartrashian/jenner family once and for all

  • Nicole Walker
    Nicole Walker lets get rid of the kartrashian/jenner family once and for all

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    This outfit just doesn't seem age appropriate. I'm not a prude, but seem too grown up.

  • lulu

    white bra - black shirt come on, you grew up with photographers, you know the rule

  • lover

    I really didnt like this outfit. Ew

  • sin

    You know Kris Jenner has a two for one specila on these girls. Kris is so money hungry its scary.

  • sin

    See??? Kris Jenner already pimped her out and popped her cherry.

  • sin

    Only 14 and allowed to dress like that? Kris Jenner is really pimping these ones early.

  • Iva

    she looks just like kim ;)