Behind the Scenes of This Week’s ‘Glee’ Episode ‘Hold On To Sixteen’ (VIDEO)

'Glee' Portraits
Class photos from season 3
The men of Glee club were all tuxed-up for the sectionals competition on this week’s episode of Glee titled Hold On To Sixteen, and Cory Monteith and his costars are giving a behind the scenes glimpse into the episode. “I think we’ve had more rehearsals then we’ve ever had before,” Kevin McHale disclosed. 

Cory added, “‘Control’ made me crazy. This is the hardest number we’ve done.” Chord Overstreet made his return to the hit FOX show and said of the experience:

“Back to work, it’s fun. I’m having a blast now. There’s a lot of complicated dance numbers coming up. … The next day [after practicing] I was sore.”

Cory joked about his costar Chord’s stripping job on the show, calling his dance move the “windy city.” “That’s Chord’s fusion to the dance number,” he joked.

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