JWoww Denies Plastic Surgery and Nose Job Rumors on 'Wendy Williams' (VIDEO)

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JWoww will be the first to admit she went under the knife to enhance her cleavage, but she went on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday morning to deny reports that she's has plastic surgery done to her face. When Wendy asked about the rumors, the Jersey Shore star got a bit defensive.

"I want to put it out there. I feel like I should go into a morning show and have a plastic surgeon try and see if I got anything done. I want to prove everyone wrong," she said, adding she's sick of hearing rumors that she's had her cheeks, lips and chin done.

Explaining she hasn't done under the knife to enhance her face, JWoww attributes a drastic weight loss for why her face looks so thin.

"I just lost 15 pounds and it was all in my face. That's what is insulting to me because I was like, 'What did my nose look like 15 pounds ago?!'

Also on the show, JWoww confirmed that she and her Shore co-star Snooki are getting a spin off, but is ready for fans to first see the season premiere on Jersey Shore on Jan. 5.



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  • HWall Wally
    HWall Wally

    Wendy I am not into the lives of celebs...but if you hae not had a nose job you should....because your nose look like and two holes in a bird house....get that nose fixed.

  • Sandra Cunningham
    Sandra Cunningham

    Bullshit she looks completely different! Her face looks full of plastic!

  • alexa

    She def. got botox.

  • Selma

    I don't think she did anything to her face, but definitely the lips.

  • courtneybaaaby

    shes so beautiful, i love her hair!

  • daga

    who believe her?! I don't....