Scout Willis Gets Cheeky in New Photo Shoot (PHOTOS)

'butt' is it art?
Scout Willis Gets Cheeky in New Photo Shoot
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Did Demi Moore and Bruce Willis approve? Daughter Scout Willis shows her bare backside in a series of photos from a very "cheeky" video shoot! Scout shot the video for fashion site StyleLikeU, which champions "freedom of expression through personal style." 

Scout also wrote the scrip for the video, which the 20-year-old Brown University student narrates over grainy clips of footage that shift from black and white to full color.

"When I caught a lift headed north from a Jayne Mansfield look alike in a t-bird with diamonds hanging between tan bony cleavage, I said goodbye to Los Angeles as I knew it," she waxes poetically. "...goodbye to awkward adolescent girls in chiffon prom dresses looking like palm trees, all legs and long tangled brown hair with red glitter barrettes shaped like parrots and sparrows, farmer's markets populated by skinny punks with bleached out flat top hair, beautiful mohawked children waltzing in moshpits with bruises blooming on knife blade cheekbones, goodbye to pink car orgasms atop Mulholland drive reverberating off the canyon walls."

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  • Deb

    Wow - I am so surprised how shallow you are to call someone ugly (no matter who it is) Talk about classless and insecure! AND so horribly mean! Who wishes anyone to get into an accident. What if its fake fur? Is that your reason for hate? Or just your horrible and gross personality. Sending you love from GOD - people pray for this person PLEASE. This is why our world has so much HATE!!!

  • max

    too young :)

  • ugh

    Man that "girl" is U G L Y! And if that's real fur she's wearing I hope her own skin gets ripped off in a terrible accident on that bike.

  • julie

    She's right. Got pissed off with the reactions to that awful cell pic they sent from Paris and decided to show herself in a new light. She's beautiful! Way to go! Never underestimate a Willis!

  • simplydiffer

    Of the female children I know Bruce and Demi had (Rumor and Scout), they all look funny looking.

  • Thomas James Sanders
    Thomas James Sanders

    I was unaware Demi and Bruce had a kid. Does that mean Ashton is the creepy step father?

  • mosleh pishtaz
    mosleh pishtaz

    oh my god! its just kidiing

  • moein

    من هر روز صبح زود با دوستم به مدرسه می روم!!! oh my god! great

  • moein

    wow my god!!! so so beautiful!!!

  • jessica

    who new bruce + demi = young pudgey courtney love

  • jessica

    wow they must be so proud

  • crystalhope

    0_о that's boldly

  • booo

    she certainly isn't as pretty as her sister Rumer

  • k

    She had to show her ass to distract you from her face.

  • Rhonda Warren Kimmel
    Rhonda Warren Kimmel

    Oh please!!

  • remi


  • Mia

    So ugly