Tom Cruise Hints at ‘Top Gun’ Sequel: Would You Watch? (POLL)

Tom reprises his role in 'Mission: Impossible' sequel.
Tom Cruise in 'Ages'
Check out a tatted, rocker Tom!
After 25 years, are Maverick and Iceman at again? Tom Cruise was asked about the possibility of a sequel to his 1986 iconic action/romance movie Top Gun, and he certainly implied that it could happen. He admitted to MTV that there has been discussions about revisiting the movie and his sexy character Maverick! He said:

 “I said to [Top Gun director] Tony [Scott], I want to make another movie with him. … Tony and I and Jerry [Bruckheimer], we never thought that we would do it again. Then they started to come to us with these ideas of where it is now. I thought, ‘Wow, that would be… what we could do now.”

Though it’s only an idea now, would you watch a Top Gun sequel, or is the movie perfect as is? Cast your vote in the poll and play movie critic in the comments! 

Tom, 49, added: “If we can find a story that suits what we all want to do. We all want to make a film that is in the same kind of tone as the other one and shoot it in the same way as we shot Top Gun.”

Top Gun, also starring Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, Kelly McGillis and Anthony Edwards, is about “the macho students of an elite US Flying school for advanced fighter pilots compete to be best in the class, and one romances the teacher.”

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