Who is Will Anderson? Meet Taylor Swift's Rumored New Beau (PHOTOS)

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According to reports, pop-country sensation Taylor Swift has been hanging out and getting cozy with Parachute frontman Will Anderson (pictured above in sunglasses) during her break from her Speak Now World Tour.

Although camps from both Taylor and Will's end have neither confirmed or denied those pesky rumors of a romantic relationship, Celebuzz did a little digging to find out more about Anderson. Check out his facts below!

Full Name: William Charles Anderson 

Age: 25

Place of Birth: Sacramento, CA

Current Residence: Charlottesville, VA

Education: University of Virginia (majored in music)

Profession: Lead vocalist for Parachute

Twitter Handle: @willyj1234

Will and Taylor's first encounter was probably at the 2008 New Year's Eve party in New York City, where both Parachute and Swift were slated to perform. Since then, the two musicians have been spotted grabbing coffee together in Nashville -- check out their day out in the gallery above!

Will is also rumored to be linked to model Karly Porras. Celebuzz has yet to receive word from Porras as well.

So is Taylor really with Will? Stay tuned for the latest news by following us on following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.



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  • Fizzle334

    OH GOD NO. *sigh* well there goes another one...

  • katiesalazar

    you must be stocking her if you've seen posts about her on every website.. how can you say such cruel things about someone you don't even know. think before you speak. how would you like it if people talked about you like this and you didn't even know them?

  • cookie

    who cares?

  • Juls

    Wow Karly, you are just desperate to get your name out there aren't you? Seeing as you've posted on every site dropping your own name as a D-List "model". Adding yourself to Will's wikipedia page gives no credibility to your so called relationship (which by the way is a complete fabrication). Best of luck to you in your career...

  • lalaland

    I heard that she did too

  • pprincessb

    Did Swift confront Porras?! That is what I saw on a site!!!

  • nataliezhere

    I read he is to be involved with a model karly porras

  • Liz Calvario
    Liz Calvario

    Man so upset, being that Will is my dream man :( haha

  • CraZzzy Pixie Lady
    CraZzzy Pixie Lady

    SO TRUE HA ! :P thats why she DIDNT go along with him not just becouse of thier similer names , but cuz of thier hights !!! she is Sooo tall >.< they are wrong for each other :\ sadly .... but she wrote (( back to december )) for him as a apoligy though ;)

  • Dennis

    I'm just glad she didn't marry Taylor Lautner....That would have been so confusing, if the media reported on "Taylor Lautner"....we would have NO WAY of knowing which one they are talking about !!!!