Willow Smith & Nicki Minaj Debut 'Fireball' on BET (VIDEO)

Willow Smith: Teen Vogue
Willow Smith in Teen Vogue
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How old is she again?

The 11-year-old "Whip My Hair" superstar Willow Smith makes us forget that she isn't even in her teens yet, in her brand new video featuring Nicki Minaj called "Fireball." The video premiered Wednesday, Dec. 7, on BET's 106 & Park, and the gals are more outrageous than ever! The video came just one day prior to Nicki's 29th birthday. 

The video shows the young star's sassiness and charm as she performs a show stopping dance moves decked out in futuristic clothing. The always energetic Nicki makes for a nice touch, and keeps her lyrics child friendly. She even gives a shoutout to the young star's famous parents, Will and Jada Smith, saying:

“Tell ‘em escalator, elevator yeah that mean to step your weight up, Ain’t nobody greater, Will and Jada is my neighbor, hater!”
"Fireball" serves as the 3rd single off of Willow's album titled Willow: You Think You Know Me, which is due for an April 3, 2012 release. What are your thoughts on the video? Let us know in the comments!



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  • Hey Javonda guuuurrrrrl
    Hey Javonda guuuurrrrrl

    Daaaaddddeeeeee, will you offer Nicki Minaj so much money and a new extra-ridiculous outfit to be in my sh*t show video, because hooker can't refuse the money, and will end up looking like a paid-off ornament??? PPPPLLLLEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZ daaaaaaddddddeeeee??

  • Javonda Peay
    Javonda Peay

    You obviously don't know talent win u c it ( so that talk is crap)I'll like to see yo tail behind the scenes putting that production together. You sleeping dude. comment on somebody else. Stay out of other people pockets unless you putting something "IN" em. Do you HAVE a FAMILY? Well... What would you DO for YOUR CHILD?

  • Javonda Peay
    Javonda Peay

    yall see that video call FIREBALL BY WILLOW SMITH. THE BESTEST>>>This lil Queen is another YUMMI. Everybody know who was the FIREBALL when YUMMI got the party...I was the FIREBALL of my dancing days. Gave it all up for GOD>, now Im a Fireball of these days. Back to the KIDS.....Peace out....

  • Joey Baggadonuts
    Joey Baggadonuts

    Seriously? What an over-produced piece of crap. Must be nice to have parents who would do anything for you... even purchase fame, all the while keeping a maid locked up on the Scientology yacht for years. Is it just me, or is this family becoming as annoying as the polished Armenians from Calabasas?