Brad Pitt Makes Killer Cameo in Angelina Jolie’s Film ‘Blood and Honey’

Brad's Accents
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Just when you thought America’s version of royalty couldn’t be any cooler.

Angelina Jolie makes her directorial debut with In the Land of Blood and Honey, and not only is it breathtakingly powerful (she shot the film in both English and Bosnian) but her life partner Brad Pitt adds a dash of spice.

He makes a cameo, and it is easy to miss…but here it goes, Semi-Spoiler Alert:

When the lead actor Goran Kostic shoots a man running from a far, snowy distance away, the so-called extra that is killed is in fact Brad. He is shot twice through the lens of the shotgun, but we could never miss Brad’s mug! He’s hit once, falls down, then is hit again with the kill shot. Brutal scene, Angie!

However, Brad and Angie were an alive, and united front on the red carpet!

Jolie and Pitt are still the stunning, hands-on couple you expect them to be in real life. Brad waited patiently inside the Arc Light theater while Jolie finished the carpet on Thursday night. Once Angie entered the building she looked around for Brad, and as soon as their eyes met they couldn’t take their hands off each other.

They were clinching each other at the waist, sneaking in some kisses and butt-grabs, and were exactly the “in love” couple you expect to see. The LA Times reports the love fest held steady at the after-party, with a close knit group of friends and family, including Angelina’s father Jon Voight.

Everyone check out In the Land of Blood and Honey when it hits theaters … trust us, Angie makes one hell of a directorial debut!