Courtney Stodden Rocks Teeny Red Bikini in LA (PHOTOS)

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Green Mile star, 51, marries 16-year-old beauty pageant winner and singer
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It's always bikini weather when you're Courtney Stodden!

Despite (somewhat) chilly temps in LA over the past week, the 17-year-old bride turned reality star was seen sporting a tiny red two-piece as she headed to a video shoot on Friday morning. At first, it appeared as though she was just wearing a leopard coat (which is still very Courtney), but as soon as she caught on that cameras were watching her, she quickly ditched the coat to reveal her itty bitty red bikini.

We wouldn't expect anything less!

Earlier this week, Court and her 51-year-old hubby Doug Hutchison did some holiday shopping at the Grove. Check out the photos below.

There have also been reports that Courtney turned down the opportunity to appear on an upcoming reality show.

According to Radar Online, they would have received $150,000 to $200,ooo to be part of the show Relationship Rehab, which follows couples who need to mend their unions. But a source told them they're actually very happy, and it wouldn't make sense for them to appear.

Also, there are reports that Court is only wearing this skimpy two-piece for a Funny or Die video that she is shooting. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery!



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  • lokame

    omg "minuscule cameltoe" hahaha I'll laugh at that for weeks LMAO

  • Jealous

    She looks much older.

  • Ariela Cevalles
    Ariela Cevalles

    How old is she????

  • Ariela Cevalles
    Ariela Cevalles

    she has no lips. wait she will in 3 months!

  • Ariela Cevalles
    Ariela Cevalles


  • Raven

    I've been on many porn shoots, and we girls never posed like this CHILD thinks is hot and sexy. It's freaking disturbing. And if you see her in a live interview, it's like watching Ginger from Gilligan's Island with that mouth moving and posing. Really - her parents want her to become a porn star? In the pumkin patch with nothing on but those shorts (there was no thong there, trust me). Just what is the end-game, here?

  • summersnow

    its amazing

  • Honey Bucket
    Honey Bucket

    and fake. Most men don't want their wives to show so much in public. I wonder why this guy wants his wife to show all her fakeness to everyone?

  • danielleakame

    wait going to photo-shoot?. or this was the photo-shoot.? who doesn't have a garage or a driveway where they don't have to walk down the street like a hooker in an outfit like this

  • AlaBella

    Can someone slap some sense into that girl? And I mean that literally

  • AlaBella

    Make that 30. I'm almost twice her age and look younger than that, even with make up on

  • barb

    Desparate for fame

  • Joe Wilson
    Joe Wilson

    You don't see me complaining !!

  • MN

    ho, ho, ho...merry christmas

  • Anonymous

    You do realize the girl's only 17 years old, right?

  • Mary

    Isn't this akin to child pornography? She is still a minor, isn't she? Maybe some media outlets need to be brought up on child porn charges.

  • becky donnelly
    becky donnelly

    I actually love her. She is 17 and acting out her dream. She's funny and I would watch a show with her and her hubby anytime. And I am A married, 42 year old woman with 4 kids (a daughter her age) on no medication, employed, regular person. Its entertainment.

  • strike_a_poseur

    Misguided and exploited? Yes. Slut? No. Her clothing does not define her nor does it determine sexual promiscuity.

  • pearlysmed

    Camel TOE!

  • pearlysmed

    Camel toe!!! Hoof!!

  • IMO

    TRASH....I rather lick glass and swallow it then look at this trailer park prostitute. .....and im officially never coming back to this site or any other site that posts her or the trash-dashians ...this shit is wack..who the F***K are these people???

  • IMO

    TRASH....I rather lick glass and swallow it then look at this trailer park prostitute. .....and im officially never coming back to this site or anyone other site that posted her or the trash-dashians ...this shit is wack..who the F***K are these people???

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    Anyone else sick of hearing about this nasty skank?

  • Jasmine

    Anyone else notice that small wrinkly thing coming out under her right boob? Or is that just her boob?

  • Jasmine

    If she's actually 17 and married wouldn't her husband be arrested? o.O

  • Mike

    Yes I thought the same thing, I never heard of this woman but she looks old

  • Matt White
    Matt White

    -- Tal lc hat.c○m --, Seek Tall lovers on -- Tal lc hat.c○m --, a nice club for tall people to date.

  • leslie12301983

    Nice mooseknuckle.

  • kewlgirl

    she's an eye sore'

  • casey

    She looks like an old hag on a 20 year old body...?!

  • shirleyt

    I seriously doubt that real paparrazzi take these photos. I am certain they are taken by a photog employed by her and her her weirdo husband. That is the only way any photos of her would ever be posted online - if she arranged for it herself.

  • marquisdgore

    miniscule camel toe Why doesn't someone put her on Jersey Shore where she belongs?

  • Selma

    they are natural, just heavily padded, look at her right boob, you can see the padding...

  • ...

    This is just weird.

  • L Ron
    L Ron

    Love that 90º angle on her left "natural" breast

  • Will


  • Michael

    Way too skinny. She'd look a lot better if she gained 15 or 20 pounds.

  • Nick

    She lays there like a cold dead fish.

  • Nick

    Vulgarity personified.

  • Jenny Sherman
    Jenny Sherman

    Is it just me, or does she look 20 years older than she is?

  • Tom

    you know she rocks in the sack

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    as the Fb user commented on the post for this blog over there ---> "i thought this was CELEBuZZ...."

  • Amy Kaufman Foxman
    Amy Kaufman Foxman

    Stop giving this tramp the attention she is so desperately craving and maybe she will just go away

  • Vicki Spears
    Vicki Spears

    She looks nasty. And not in a good way!

  • julie

    I'd say it's always slut time when you are KS. Is her last name Kardashian or is she just following the footsteps? I wonder why should that be considered "news"?

  • Marcelina

    Her boobs are so huge!


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