Flashback Friday: Paula Abdul & Keanu Reeves in ‘Rush Rush’ (VIDEO)

Two of today’s top stories are yesterday’s cute couple! It’s Flashback Friday! 

Paula Abdul and the X Factor gang are taking some heat for last night’s hyper-emotional elimination in which one of the contestants fell to the floor, while Keanu Reeves is being championed as a modern day gentleman for giving up his seat on the subway in a viral video. Back in the ’90s, the two dated for a hot minute and costarred in Paula’s video, “Rush Rush.”

Ever the dapper dude, Keanu took on the ’50s inspired role with a touch of class. His recent role of mindful subway rider is getting equal applause:

Paula has been getting a bit of a backlash from rabid fans of her new show, but as ever she manages to be a source of support for the contestants and her fellow judges, telling Nicole Scherzinger (via Twitter):

“I applaud you for listening to you heart last night because I know how genuinely torn you were.”