Meet & Greet: ‘American Reunion’ Star Charlene Amoia Talks Nudity & First Loves

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You may not recognize Charlene Amoia’s name just yet, but you’ve surely seen her before! She’s been a nurse on Glee, a doctor on House M.D. and had the awesome recurring role of Wendy the Waitress on How I Met Your Mother. Soon you’ll see her as Kevin’s (Thomas Ian Nicholas) wife Ellie in American Reunion, and we got the chance to talk to Charlene about what we can expect from the sure-to-be-hilarious film!

American Reunion reunites all the original cast members from the first three American Pie films. What’s your role in this latest installment?

I play Kevin’s wife. You see him and I together, and he goes back and gets reunited with all the original cast. Some stuff comes up with him and Tara Reid, and we all figure it out. It’s got a great cast, and really fun directors, and it was a really good time.

Fans may be upset to find out that Kevin didn’t end up with Tara Reid’s character Vicky because she was his first love. How does your relationship with him differ from his relationship with Vicky?

Well, I think our relationship…. it’s mature. You know, his relationship with Vicky was dealing with “first” everything. There’s a special place that we all have in our hearts for our first love, but it often doesn’t have the gravitas and maturity of a deeper love that you have with the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with.

It’s been a while since the cast has been together – do they all still have the chemistry they shared together in the first three films?

It certainly looked like it. It wasn’t very long before the guys were all punching each other in the nuts and stuff. I can tell you from what I saw being there filming this movie and watching the first few, it looked like no time had passed in between and they picked up where they left off.

Were you a fan of the series then, before you got cast?

Yes of course, I saw them as I was growing up! It was really neat, because of that. It’s something we all know and love. It happened for me pretty last minute, because I auditioned for a different role and they ended up hiring someone else. But it happened really quickly that I got this role, and I feel like I got very lucky with the timing and everything.

Are you involved in any of the raunchy humor in the film?

No, I’m not actually! Everyone keeps saying that, like, “Are you gonna be nude?” and I’m like “NO!” No, I don’t have any of those scenes. I haven’t done any of that in my career as of yet. That’ll be a big deal if I ever do!

Do you think there will be any more American Pie films after this one? 

I don’t have an answer to that, but my guess is that it’s not the final installment. I think that it’s left in a place where we could see some more, and this movie was so well done, so funny, so well-written. It really honors the raunchy humor that we loved in the first few movies and even kicks it up a notch, so I think there are just a lot of places we could go at the end of this movie.

Would you be involved in any other installments if there are any?

 I would love to be, if they would want me to do more!

For people who aren’t already fans of the series, what kind of audience do you recommend American Reunion to?

I think that, demographically, definitely high school or college students, because that’s what we were when the movies came out. But also, my generation just because we love the first few movies. So I think it’s really broad; you can take anything from a teenager all the way up to forty.

You’ve done a lot of acting both on television and in film; which do you prefer?

I love acting in all of its mediums, so I’m just happy to get a job whenever I can! It’s thrilling every single time. Whether its TV or film, whatever it may be, as long as I love the character, it doesn’t really make a difference to me!

Five years from now, do you hope to continue to act or do you have any other aspirations in the industry?

I hope to continue to act forever! But I’ve been coaching friends for a long time for auditions and things like that, and I feel like I definitely have a director’s eye when it comes to certain things, so at some point I would like to direct. I have a buddy of mine who, we talk about some ideas that we have and we may write and direct some at some point. It’s not a priority just yet, but its something that I think I will do.

Finally, as fans of the show How I Met Your Mother, we have to ask: any chance Wendy the Waitress is the mother?

I can’t say anything for certain!

Are you excited to see American Reunion when it hits theaters on April 6? Be sure to check out the latest poster for the film and let us know in the comments below!