Readers Respond: Would You Watch a ‘Top Gun’ Sequel?

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For the last few days, the Internet has been abuzz at the possibility of a Top Gun sequel after Tom Cruise slyly mentioned that he had discussed it with the director of the classic 1980s film.

“I said to [Top Gun director] Tony [Scott], I want to make another movie with him. … Tony and I and Jerry [Bruckheimer], we never thought that we would do it again. Then they started to come to us with these ideas of where it is now. I thought, ‘Wow, that would be… what we could do now.”

We asked our Celebuzz readers whether or not they would want to see Maverick and Iceman at it again, and we got hoards on comments on our Facebook. So, what did you guys have to say about a possible second go ’round for Top Gun?

Erin Z. said: “if it had most of the same characters maybe..”

Cinnamon S. said: “they need to leave the original like it is and not make another one!!!”

Mischelle A. said: “sequel… Yes Remake NO……..”

Vonnie L. said: “against! The first was the best and it they were going to make another they should have done it sooner. This is a all time favorite of mine but not interested in the sequel unless all the same actors and actresses are onboard.”

Jeni M. said: “Against.. Some movies should just be allowed their ‘time’ and nothing more.. And there are some that were so good that they deserve to remain a classic. Plus never really been a fan. This remaking every old movie is becoming stale. Where’s imagination & creativity gone??”

Kirsty M. said: “Top Gun is my all time favourite movie, it deserves a sequal. As long as they state its been 27ish years since the original and its no something outlandish. I’ll watch it no matter what if only for the flying shown in it”

Kelly S. said: “Top Gun 2 – Goose Returns? Seriously? Maverick would be an old pilot, not flying for the military any more as he would be in for too many years and forced to retire. Oh wait, how about Maverick is now an instructor and teach Gooses son to fly? Leave the whole darn thing alone because a sequel would only “lose that loving feeling.”

Also, 56% of readers said they wouldn’t want a sequel or remake while 43% said they would be on board.

Nothing is official though, so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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