Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Take PDA Fest to Mexico (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are in love, and they aren't afraid to show it!

The couple have been spending time in Mexico where Selena was a bridesmaid in a friends wedding, and from the pool to the reception she and Justin couldn't keep their hands off each other.

We love it!

Check out more pics of Hollywood's most PDA filled couple. 



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  • erika

    ja si mislim ze sa ku sebe hodia

  • mirka

    selena je obicajna ale justin nie ani sa gu sebe nehodia

  • Kristiann Allen
    Kristiann Allen

    they dont have kids this was for charity duhh selena dosent have kids

  • Kristiann Allen
    Kristiann Allen

    that is not Selena look at her hair it is purple that is not Selena

  • Kadashianlover321

    Damm i wish i was Selena so i could get kissed by Justin Bieber all the timw!

  • selena

    l lov y jb

  • Gianna

    Kissing on tv while Justin is holding a snake funny

  • Gianna

    Justin BIEBER is not whereing a top I love Justin BIEBER !!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gianna

    Kissing in public on a sidewalk interesting

  • Gianna

    Laying in a pool about to kiss amazing

  • Gianna

    So cutie

  • Gianna

    They are so cuite together

  • Ashantee

    Who's the dude touching selena's shoulder...

  • choccoroccomonkeyface

    they look good together. what happened to that innocent selenA?

  • Sanjna Jain
    Sanjna Jain


  • wtf

    his foot looks bigger then his body

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  • Zeza

    JC .life is all about sharing. I love to dance with these mares. Wouldn't it be fun if I could dance for the Morgan Horse Grand National Horse Show too. I have such a good time. Thank you.

  • Elpan

    Says', that's the same song Justin Bieber started siingng in Malaysia and his fans weren't too happy about it! Maybe he should stick with letting Selena sing it. It was a sweet gesture

  • Keshay

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  • Poa

    wow I love how now that people know jtusin bieber wears female pants its suddenly an allright thing to do. You beliebers will bend backwards and twist reality for him meanwhile you are no more than a mere pay check lmfao

  • Laura

    Who told you that you can judge Justin B. He is talanted boy leave him alone ploepe and stop being jealous ! you're just an idiot black man I don't wanna waste my life to listening your $h!ts so please stop sending your videos to YouTube.

  • Mimi

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  • Anthony

    hulan heheheh ji mini yu yraiad bn aaaa ene 2 ugaasaal hen hen j heniiheej araasaa guiheergui mundag humuuus ji yum sain medehgui bj meddeg yum shig bitii hudlaa tsarai gargaldaa tehuuu bieber neeh hunii araas guigeeed bdag jaal bish shuu !!! anhaaraldaa awjih

  • Mertcan

    harin tiiimee fosihan neeh hooorhon bgaaaaz yag l jijkeeen huuhed shig selena gej neg yum yaj j bodson nertei hun bj har myngan olon duran harj bdag gej oilogdoggui yumuu haishiin

  • emmacool

    you can't hate him just because he is in love. They are obviously happy and if you actually want her to be yr gf you would be happy for her and want her to have a happy life

  • emmacool


  • emmacool

    i love them JELENA FOREVER!!

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  • emmacool

    aww they are sooo cutteee

  • maryamcullen

    Selena have a very nice body I must say..

  • Raven

    The little baby in the very front is making the funniest face.

  • jelena

    a snake his name is johnson

  • Adrianna

    lol i agree!! <3

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    me too but , is that real

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    no they do that cause they wanna show people that there in love.DUH

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    they make me cry

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    i have a question for you selena ,where do you get those clothes?

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    there clothes match together

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    i love those shoes

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    they will be i know it so im with californiazuli

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    im so jealous

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    they should be maried

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    who are they seeing

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    best clothes ever(i love you)

  • i love u
    i love u

    best people ever (i love u)

  • i love u
    i love u

    they are like the best people

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    how do people get these styles seriously

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    i wonder where they went?

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    im so lonely:(

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    what does he have in his hand?

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    best couple ever!:)

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    they look so good together:)

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    that is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kaye-lee

    i know i want to see if she is having a baby

  • emmacool

    aww they are soo cute together!

  • Alice

    omg i have the same pants as her

  • m l
    m l

    it's a mystery to me how you can say the things you do about justin bieber non of which you know to be true. you should be ashamed. you need some serious professional help.

  • bj

    yah they are

  • bj

    i agree with you ......

  • charity louden
    charity louden

    selena you are go to jail do that way and you are

  • booyah

    hahahaha I love this pic

  • booyah

    he looks horny

  • Kira

    hahahahaha JUSTIN'S FOOT

  • L.H

    he looks drunk

  • cheyanneradway10

    aww there so cute :)<3

  • Uhh Really?
    Uhh Really?

    First of all, lying about WHAT?! If it was really a fake relationship, which it isnt, dont you think they wouldve broken up by now? So you can stop being jealous and take your opinion and shove it up your butt because no one cares what you think shes "lying" about. p.s.- 'is' is spelled with an 's', not a 'z' Just in case you didnt know.

  • kendra

    Wait he went to londo just to drink?

  • Natalia

    super cute! and selena is looking sexy!

  • S0_fly

    so f*ckin cute and justin looks SO handsome :)

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    Teenage romance, nothin' like it... Gah theyre cute!

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    Not the most flattering pic of Selena, they are so cute though aww

  • Darija

    Awww! They are soo cuuteee!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kc

    I'm more disturbed that you can count all of his ribs.

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    i know!

  • dizoi

    A redneck and a latino : SAME OLD STORY

  • didana

    even the skinniest girls have cellulite she might be a celebrity but shes still just an average teenage girl shes not a goddess

  • didana

    wow her dress is ugly he shouldv told her

  • mandy


  • geo

    She looks like she is on drugs. Honey please wear makeup. Au natural is not a look for you

  • Alli

    is it me or does it look like selena wasnt ready for the kiss and justin did it cause the cameas we watching them?

  • shut up
    shut up

    Does she even have boobs?

  • Maxien Fisher
    Maxien Fisher

    He really needs to go to the gym! He is as skinny as she is!

  • Elina

    That's not necessarily cellulite, when you cross your bare legs the skin gets pulled and make dimples.

  • bing

    uhmm.. that's how normal guy toes look like, fyi


    Because Beiber is a FAG, & Selena is just an innocent lovely lady.

  • Hmm

    they are just a couple. like any other couple in the world.....

  • Natalia

    this photo is so cute!!!

  • Olivia

    selena looks a little like mila kunis in these pics

  • Olivia

    selena looks stunning.. love her hair!

  • will

    I love this pic I think they luk cute together an I love the way selena is lying on his chest.which it's was my chest though..

  • justaguy

    I want to do filthy unspeakable things to her

  • Sophie-No1Belieber!!x

    I doubt people have pretty toes love unless youire a girl and paint them....People cant help the way they look.

  • skates2000

    I don't think so. Justin would have dump her long time ago if she did. Relationship never works with lies and deceits. I don't understand how these people can't seem to accept the reality that they are really in love, it is pretty obvious anyways. Haters will forever block anything good about the people they hate no matter what. With her great personalities, no wonder she's getting all this blessings in return. Being compassionate to people is the hardest thing to do, but she has it and so does Justin. That's why they work great together. I bet if Justin got hooked up with another girl, it won't have the same end results. The media loves Selena because she is warm, friendly and has very wholesome personalities.

  • jbluver

    holy crapp, look how big his foot is. o.o that's like weirdishly big... but you know what they say about big feet. ;D

  • Natalie Esraoui
    Natalie Esraoui

    Merry Christmas selena and justin beiber i wish you all the best and happy new year have fun in 2012 with him

  • Natalie Esraoui
    Natalie Esraoui

    why are you still talking about Michael Jackson

  • Natalie Esraoui
    Natalie Esraoui

    hey selena how are you your my favorutie singer l love all your songs

  • Nery Cruz
    Nery Cruz

    wishing you the best for the new year, God Bless!

  • les

    wow selena g. is really hot, and i think she deserves a really hot guy, a man.not a boy. she is just gorgeous with or without make up plus the fact that she is really nice. these media are over exposing her though with her and that kid kissing.but then again she is still hot

  • Laura Mayancela
    Laura Mayancela

    awwww.young love is the best :) til it's over. :(

  • mila

    wow..obviously you are stupid..is it her fault that famous guys wanna date her? just because you are not experiencing the good life she lives doesnt make you smart enough to judge what she is..you are not in her shoes so what makes you think you know her?.and every celebrity dates each other so you are referring to everyone else in hollywood by saying that they date only the famous. I bet you're ass is jealous of all that shit thats coming out of your mouth.PATHETIC sore loser biatch! SELENA GOMEZ ROCKS!

  • newpeople

    god they are barf-tastic

  • lolz

    k now thats just sad...you little jealous girl...

  • The Voice of Reason
    The Voice of Reason

    I'm going to cut his dick off and make him choke on it for stealing my GOMEZ!

  • Shania Barbie Sanasie
    Shania Barbie Sanasie

    eww i a bieliviber but am i the only one to notice that jb have ugly toes

  • :$

    i know right!!!! it seems like she always tries to go after the guy that is most famous at the time!!!!! plus i really think that she is fake and not as sweet, nice and good girl as she shows everyone............

  • cookie

    how many more pics are we gonna see them making out?!?

  • awsomegirl3

    am i the only one who knows that sel iz lying right to his face????!!!

  • Johanna

    They certainly like kissing. Justin looks like he can’t get enough of her and is overwhelmed by her sexiness.