Readers Respond: Did Rachel Crow Deserve to Be Sent Home on ‘X Factor’?

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Many X Factor fans were outraged when 13-year-old Rachel Crow was eliminated from the show this week. Rachel, who wowed the audience with her soulful voice, dropped her her knees in a fit of tears after it was announced that she was cut from the competition

Did Rachel deserve to be sent home? We took it to our Facebook page to see how you felt about the whole situation!

Rachel’s elimination have since reflected poorly on judge Nicole Scherzinger, who, unlike the rest of the judges, opted not to cast her judges’ vote and instead let America make the decision. Many fans blamed Nicole for withholding her vote, thus ultimately giving up a chance to keep Rachel on the show.

Renne said: “NO!! That was a chicken way out, Nicole should have done her part by voting!!!!”

Melissa said: “Hell no!!! She is such a talented girl. I will miss her. Chris & Marcus need to go! Melanie & Josh will be the final 2!”

Louie said: “No she didn’t deserve it Marcus should have went. What’s the point of having judges on the show if they can’t do there damn job (Nicole and Paula) it made me so mad makes me not even want to watch the rest of the show if its going to be like that.”

Melanie said: “It really should have been Marcus!”

Erica said: “It was a total shock that she got eliminated.”

Ije said: “Marcus has being in bottom 3x, he should have gone home.”  

Sinead said: “Nicole is useless, why have her as a judge if she can’t allow the best performer to stay. She should be ashamed for breaking little Rachel’s heart!”

However, some of you sided with Nicole’s choice to let America decide. 

Dione said: “Don’t cry over spilt milk people.. America voted.”

Holly said: “It sucks but what can u do.”

Beatrice said: “Somebody had to go home regardless.”

Since Rachel’s departure from the show, the young singer has said that she has no ill will towards Nicole for abstaining to vote. In a tweet to the X Factor judge, Rachel wrote:

hi Nicole unfortunately there are haters in this world and I honk you are beautiful inside and out I love you! #blessed

Furthermore, Nicole has spoken about her refusal to vote. After the show, she told reporters:

I wasn’t going to be the one to send anyone home. Did I think America probably would have chosen Rachel? … The probability was that they would have sent Marcus home.

So did Rachel deserve to stay on the show? Check out one of her performances above then continue the debate in the comments below!