Readers Respond: Did Rachel Crow Deserve to Be Sent Home on 'X Factor'?

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Many X Factor fans were outraged when 13-year-old Rachel Crow was eliminated from the show this week. Rachel, who wowed the audience with her soulful voice, dropped her her knees in a fit of tears after it was announced that she was cut from the competition

Did Rachel deserve to be sent home? We took it to our Facebook page to see how you felt about the whole situation!

Rachel's elimination have since reflected poorly on judge Nicole Scherzinger, who, unlike the rest of the judges, opted not to cast her judges’ vote and instead let America make the decision. Many fans blamed Nicole for withholding her vote, thus ultimately giving up a chance to keep Rachel on the show.

Renne said: "NO!! That was a chicken way out, Nicole should have done her part by voting!!!!"

Melissa said: "Hell no!!! She is such a talented girl. I will miss her. Chris & Marcus need to go! Melanie & Josh will be the final 2!"

Louie said: "No she didn't deserve it Marcus should have went. What's the point of having judges on the show if they can't do there damn job (Nicole and Paula) it made me so mad makes me not even want to watch the rest of the show if its going to be like that."

Melanie said: "It really should have been Marcus!"

Erica said: "It was a total shock that she got eliminated."

Ije said: "Marcus has being in bottom 3x, he should have gone home."  

Sinead said: "Nicole is useless, why have her as a judge if she can't allow the best performer to stay. She should be ashamed for breaking little Rachel's heart!"

However, some of you sided with Nicole's choice to let America decide. 

Dione said: "Don't cry over spilt milk people.. America voted."

Holly said: "It sucks but what can u do."

Beatrice said: "Somebody had to go home regardless."

Since Rachel's departure from the show, the young singer has said that she has no ill will towards Nicole for abstaining to vote. In a tweet to the X Factor judge, Rachel wrote:

hi Nicole unfortunately there are haters in this world and I honk you are beautiful inside and out I love you! #blessed
Furthermore, Nicole has spoken about her refusal to vote. After the show, she told reporters:
I wasn't going to be the one to send anyone home. Did I think America probably would have chosen Rachel? ... The probability was that they would have sent Marcus home.

So did Rachel deserve to stay on the show? Check out one of her performances above then continue the debate in the comments below!

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  • Salma Omer
    Salma Omer

    I get that the boy won fair and square and i get that people have there own opinion but honestly and i am talking from being in the same situation as rachel but in a smaller competition i made it to the finals me and this boy who won because he rapped and i SANG but i feel sooooooooooo much sympathy for her and she did not deserve what she got because she is extreamly talented and she would of made big hits and sold over a million records in like 2 months cuz im the one who would have bought them but all in all some people just made the most stupid mistake and they did it in pen so now it cant be erased and they now tip ex is not going to work. when i saw her bawling her eyes out i could not take it so i started crying as well and my sis said that it was just a silly competition so i said that if she had been in the situation then she would no how it felt to feel like people dont like your voice people do not appreciate your talent so they take u for granted.

  • Christy

    This girl... Was amazing. Nicole knew that. She even said it herself. So why didn't she pick her and send Marcus home? Wow.

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  • Fun

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  • Marissa

    A Rachel têm 13 anos! Claro que ela iria chorar! Pelo que eu me lembro o Astro se recusou a cantar e tem 14 anos... Em relação a Nicole,ela sempre gostou do Marcus tanto que nas outras eliminações ela sempre votou nele para ficar,porém ela (assim como eu),se encantou com a Rachel tanto que ela brincou com a garota falando se já tinha a boneca Rachel!! Viva Rache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Kearney
    Michael Kearney

    Honestly, I think that Rachel didn't deserve to go home nor Astro. But they both still got it made. Marcus should of went home and if they send Melanie home this weeK, tHE x FACTOR IS JUST BS.!

  • Sara Stewart
    Sara Stewart

    she messed up at the end i heard it thats y she lost u know u cant mess up at all

  • Kameka Patterson
    Kameka Patterson

    C'mon people lets not use race this time...I personally thought she was a better singer than Marcus and Chris. Next time you look at the show, check out how many props and background singers Chris has to hide his own voice.

  • Laura White
    Laura White

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  • Billy

    She did say Mommy you promised..


    speaking of America voting stupidly....then having a tantrum. this is the only part of your post that you got right.


    what does the tea party have to do with this you idiot?

  • Manmom

    Millia, what YOU just wrote is TYPICAL. I get so tired of hearing the whining when an African-American is eliminated from any contest. Someone always says it was racial, political, blah...blah...blah... Rachel was eliminated because she got the fewest votes....PERIOD! As for Jennifer Hudson on AI....she did have a beautiful voice, but think about what she looked like at the time - she was extremely overweight and did not look anything close to a "marketable" AI. She was old enough to hande the rejection and look what she's accomplished now. Rachel will be just fine - she will do great with Disney, which is where she belongs right now. Jackie, I also thought Rachel said, "Mommy you promised"...........

  • Jackie McKenzie
    Jackie McKenzie

    If you listen to it properly he mum didnt promise her anything. She said “Do you promise mummy?” As in her mother was just consoling her and telling her everything will be alright… I am pretty sure that her mother is not a stage mother. She was jsut beign supportive like most parents woudl be in the same position. I think Rachel acted like almost any person would in the same situation. She managed to contain it after a couple of minutes and thank her fans and her family. I think very highly of this 13 year old girl. I hope she goes far!!

  • Jackie McKenzie
    Jackie McKenzie

    If you listen to it properly he mum didnt promise her anything. She said "Do you promise mummy?" As in her mother was just consoling her and telling her everything will be alright... I am pretty sure that her mother is not a stage mother. She was jsut beign supportive like most parents woudl be in the same position. I think Rachel acted like almost any person would in the same situation. She managed to contain it after a couple of minutes and thank her fans and her family. I think very highly of this 13 year old girl. I hope she goes far!!



  • millia

    This is typical of America: vote stupidly, then lie and have a tantrum when confronted about it. Jennifer Hudson got voted off of American Idol because she is Black. I am surprised that the racist voters and Tea Party idiots did not eliminate all of the Black ones from X factor early on. I would be glad to see Nicole Sherzinger gone after this season. If she can't do her job, then she's nothing.

  • Sasafrass452

    Rachel did NOT deserve to go. Period. She might have gotten the fewest votes, but she clearly has enough talent to have stayed in the competition, & maybe even win. If we're not voting for talent, what ARE we voting for? Her save me song was pure, raw emotion. Marcus never showed that in his performance. It's clear that Nicole wanted Rachel to stay but didn't want to hurt Marcus, so she let America decide, thinking Marcus would go. And it backfired BIG TIME. That's why Rachel's fans(me included) are upset with Nicole. She COULD'VE- & SHOULD'VE- saved her, but didn't. Rachel deserved to stay, & nothing can convince me otherwise.

  • Dave Angel
    Dave Angel

    Rachel deserved to go, she's the one with the least votes. Why is that so hard for some to accept? I for one am glad to see the back of her and her sappy, giggly, Shirley Temple demeanour. Her singing sounded so forced and false too, like she was the victim of years of voice coaching. Ironically, her Save Me song was easily her best performance of the competition, although up til then she'd struggled to maintain pitch in all her songs. Marcus has charisma and an effortless singing style and deserves to stay.

  • Helen

    Nicole rolled the dice and won; she did it to josh into final.

  • Billy

    The hissy fit Rachel threw after being eliminated proved that at 13 she is not mature enough to handle the entertainment industry. They would eat her alive. A child should be able to grow up as a child, not a mini adult. Her onstage comment to her mother "Mommy you promised" showed that she is being pushed by a stage Mother. She fulfilled the role on the show that the producers wanted. She tugged on the heartstrings with her fake grown up demeanor. I hope Disney does help her along. THat will be he only chance at success, which will most likely fade as she grows into an adult.

  • jessinta

    i agree that she had lots of talent and potential but she carried on and on with all the crying so maybe this was a sign that she was either too young or too weak to handle the fame and with fame comes hurtful comments and rejection. maybe this is a sign that she isn't strong enough yet and the right person got through.

  • Sophie

    It is sad that Nicole used a little girl to get even with petty. To top it off, crying the giant crocodile tears. I hope they boo her next week too!

  • brandy

    i couldnt agree wit u more, chris,marcus should of went home long ago rite along wit that country singer grl.that took forever getting sent home,i hated her cracking voice

  • Barney

    Nicole Scherzinjer may be a nice person inside & out. But the bottom line is, she didn't do her job. What the point of having judges if there can't make a decisons. The audience got it right when there booed her off the stage. So did anyone watching the show.

  • Kathy

    Why have the contestants sing a "save me song" when the one who sings better gets booted? Example: Marcus sucked on all his "save" songs for the last three weeks. His voice was so pitchy, yet he 's still on the show and the better singers are gone. He's GOT TO GO this week!

  • rcrox

    To the person who wrote this article. Let's make this clear. Nicole voted to send Rachel home even though she didn't want to. That forced the deadlock. In the deadlock, Rachel got the fewer votes than Marcus. If Nicole had NOT voted, Rachel would still be on the show winning by majority, 2-1 and Marcus woulda go home. That's the rules. Paula tried to pull the same trick earlier this season when she had to send one of her groups Lakota Rain or Stereo Hogs home, but she voted to send LR home while the other 3 judges sent home SH. Get your damn facts straight! This is from someone who obviously don't have a clue how the X Factor elimination works!

  • ThatGuy

    umm top 5 in the competition is well managed to me. And a 5 million dollar contract isnt what she deserves? sounds like a nice start to me. maybe you're just an idiot.

  • x

    There are millions of people who can sing. Who cares

  • PaulinSeattle

    As heartbreaking as it was to see her breakdown, she wouldn't have gotten a chance for people to see her talent if she wasn't given the chance because of her age. She recovered and thanked the fans and consoled Nicole. This has been great publicity. Reports are she is now in talks with Disney. Winning talent shows doesn't guarantee success and runnerups can be even more successful. Look at Susan Boyle, look at Jackie Evancho. Jackie was only 10. I don't think the problem is with age. Kids are more resilient than some of the so called adults. Some of the older losers have been pathetic in their reactions considering their age. That said, I think Nicole did wimp out, but there are other judges who have been carrying their mentees along who are just as guilty of discrediting the show -- making it really judge ego against judge ego instead of talent against talent.

  • Renay

    This child has amazing talent. Given how poorly Simon managed her performances as her Mentor.... THANK GAWD SHE DIDN'T WIN. Now she has an opportunity to get real representation and get the sort of contract she deserves. Her talent is amazing and she will only get better as long as she is managed well.

  • cookie

    ehh i think she is too young to even be on the show...

  • Gary Robert Del Carlo
    Gary Robert Del Carlo

    Nicole wimped out. She's there to be a judge and make choices. She didn't do the job she was paid to do, therefore, she needen't come back next year. In my opinion, Rachael did the better job of singing than Marcus did, and it has been mentioned before, Marcus has been in the bottom three times, he deserved to go. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Rachael Crowe. Is she too young right now? Maybe! Some can take it, some can't.