Alec Baldwin Pokes Fun at American Airlines Drama on ‘SNL’ (VIDEO)

AA Responds to Alec
American Air on the Alec Baldwin situation.
Alec & Russell in Costume
Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand get into character on 'Rock of Ages' set.
Alec Baldwin finally got his apology from American Airlines — well, kind of.

Posing as an American Airlines pilot, Baldwin appeared on Saturday Night Live’s weekend update to issue an apology to, well, himself. In the tongue-in-cheek sketch, Alec claimed that the actor is a “national treasure” and that he only slammed the plane’s lavatory door because he was playing a “word game for smart people.”

Earlier on in the week, the 16-time SNL host had a confrontation with an American Airlines flight attendant when he was asked to turn off his iPhone. Alec, who was playing Words with Friends on his iPhone while the plane was still docked at the terminal, refused comply with the stewardess’ request and allegedly stomped off to the plane’s washroom. According to a report issued by the airline, the actor slammed the lavatory door so hard that it had alarmed the pilots in the cockpit. Baldwin was asked to exit the flight.     

The actor since then have taken the fight to his Twitter (which he later on deleted in the following days) and written an apology to fellow travelers in Huffington Post

The word is still out if Alec and American Airlines are on good terms but, from the looks of his SNL cameo, Alec is taking it all in good humor.

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