Katy Perry Becomes Best Friends with Matt Damon & Val Kilmer on ‘SNL’ (VIDEO)

Katy on 'SNL'
Katy Perry pokes fun at Sesame St. drama.
It was Katy Perry’s turn to host Saturday Night Live last night and the pop sensation made a couple of friends along the way — most notably acclaimed actors Matt Damon and Val Kilmer.

In a digital short with SNL player Andy Samberg, Perry stumbles upon a homeless Damon and deranged Kilmer. The four stars then become an unlikely quartet who steal socks, dig through trash, and play russian roulette.

Check out Katy’s hilarious SNL short in the video above!

This isn’t Katy’s first time acting on the Saturday sketch show though. A while back, Katy poked fun at Sesame Street when the show famously axed Katy’s appearance because they thought the songstress was showing too much cleavage. Katy played a naive teenager who, despite her busty chest, unknowingly wears low-cut tops to read to children at the local library.