Wet & Shirtless Orlando Bloom Carries Flynn After Morning Dip (PHOTOS)

A wet and shirtless Orlando Bloom emerged from the New Zealand shores this weekend with none other than his adorable son, Flynn. Orlando went for a quick dip in the waters of Mapua while his mother looked after his tiny tot. After his swim, the hunky dad held baby Flynn tight as they walked to their car, planting little kisses on Flynn's chubby cheeks along the way.

Miranda Kerr, you are a lucky woman!

Flynn, who has been voted as Celebuzz's cutest celebrity baby of 2011, is never far from his mom or dad.

Little Flynn was always by Miranda's side while she was in New York City working on Victoria's Secret's annual fashion show. The supermodel mom took the little tyke sightseeing all around the Big Apple. Papa Orlando even pitched in to babysit when Miranda's schedule became too busy.

Seriously, how adorable can this family get?!

What do you think of the Bloom-Kerr family and baby Flynn? Is he the cutest baby? Let us know in the comments! 



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  • anonymous

    I just love these pics of shirtless and wet Orlando with his little mini-me Flynn. Both father and son look just adorable. Miranda Kerr is just one lucky lady to have found as loving and caring man as Orlando and Flynn is a lucky little boy to have such loving parents as Orlando and Miranda. Flyy is gonna break many hearts when he grows up. He´s definitely gonna be as handsome as his dad.

  • Penis

    OOOOO, no underwear did see his penissssss

  • alexa

    that is one really cute baby

  • joyceceleb

    oh,,, baby flynn ur so cute...

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    Laura White

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  • Katy

    The pants of the baby are really weird lol