Ali Lohan Hangs in Hawaii with Mystery Male (PHOTOS)

Ali and Lindsay Lohan may have their share of struggles, but making friends isn't one of them. The 17-year-old model was spotted with a male pal on a lawn in Hawaii over the weekend laughing and having a time. While Ali was makeup free and wearing a pair of cut-off shorts and a loose-fitted t-shirt, her friend was wearing a more hippie style. 

While Ali was having a relaxing moment with her friend, big sis Lindsay was freaking out after her purse was stolen. 

Reportedly worried that she would get into more legal woes after the theft. Luckily (sorta), Lilo's purse was retrieved but was missing the $10,000 in cash that was in there. 

Lindsay is expected to return to Los Angeles as she is to appear in court on Wednesday for a status hearing.


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  • Lilly and Kat
    Lilly and Kat

    When your sister is a recovering coke head/Playboy model maybe you'd be "Stressed Thin" to?

  • AlaBella

    That's a dude???

  • Selma

    omg, her arms.. :S

  • Selma

    Crack is not good for you!

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    Is that Patrick Aufdenkamp? He stole from lindsay in 2010 couldnt imagine them still talking to him

  • PartnerinCrime

    That's NOT a mystery male! That's Ali's big sister LINDSAY's partner in crime! This is LINDSAY's longtime friend thats goes everywhere with her. He is reported to be the male in the necklace "shoplifting" video. He is also the one who Lindsay said stole her fashion designs a few years back!!I don't remember his exact name right off - PATRICK Auchoff (?- unusual last name) - something like that.

  • danielleakame

    holy shiz that man is scurrry lookin

  • Robyn

    He looks like a good influence.