Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Greyson Chance Questions!

Greyson Gets 'Random'
Greyson Chance on 'So Random.'
Greyson Rocks Fox
Chance performs for 'Fox & Friends.'
Greyson Chance’s rise to stardom is one that you really couldn’t even dream of. One day, he was a kid playing his favorite Lady Gaga song for his schoolmates. The next, Gaga herself found it, made it viral — all leading to Ellen DeGeneres creating a record label simply in order to sign him. What a difference two years can make.

With Greyson, now 14 years old, seemingly only continuing to grow his musical career, Celebuzz got curious and asked Greyson if he’d be willing to take questions from you, our fabulous readers. He jumped at the opportunity (thanks, Greyson!) and will be participating in our latest edition of Celebrity Mailbag this week! He’s dropping by our offices on Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 14), so your time to get your most pressing questions in is fading!

How do you participate?

Simply “Like” Celebuzz on Facebook and then submit your question for Greyson in the comments section below! He’ll choose his favorites and answer them for you all.