Celebuzz Awards 2011: Nominees for Most Fashionable Celeb (PHOTOS)

For your entertainment, we present the Celebuzz Awards! Each day this week, we will present a new category where YOU choose the winner! Today we ask: Who is this year's most fashionable celeb -- Victoria Beckham, Taylor Lautner, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, or Kourtney Kardashain

Nominees were selected by our most popular and heavily commented stories throughout the year, making the most fashionable Celebuzz stars all fan generated.

Fashion and fame go hand in hand, but there are those who elevate the game. This group represents the more style-savvy celebs that have people envying (and emulating) their wardrobe.

Vote in our poll to tell us who you think should win! 



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  • Harsha

    The Sprouse Twins (Dylan and Cole):They just SUCK at acting.Michael Jackson:He's a crpeey, sex offender, child molester. He's so odd and crpeey.Lindsey Lohan:She's a drunk idiot who has no idea what the hell she's doing.Ali Lohan:She's just like her sister.Paris Hilton:Exactly what you saidMary-Kate Olsen:She's WAAAYYY too skinny. She's afraid of kitchens.And I guess thats it! lol

  • Tuula

    By a long shot, one of the best article l have come acrsos on this valuable subject. I quite go along with with your assumptions and will thirstily look forward to your future updates.

  • Jocilyn Metcalf
    Jocilyn Metcalf

    You have my vote doll! BIble you look GORG!

  • iamcasey723

    I love Taylor Lautner<3

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    She was doing well until I scrolled down to her legs and feet. The boots look weird.