Jennifer Aniston is The Hottest Woman of All-Time (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Aniston topped Men's Health list of The Hottest Women of All-Time, beating out 100 of Hollywood's stunning girls.

Raquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe, and Britney Spears were a few stars that fell just short of the top spot.

In honor, lets take a look at Jen's best Little Black Dresses.

With those legs, we totally see why she is #1!



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  • Peter

    The topic is hottest 100 women "of all time". Seems to be limited to the last half century. No room for Cleopatra or Helen of Troy? Sure, we don't have pictures or movies, but people are still talking of their beauty after 3,000 years. Perhaps people will be speaking of Jennifer Aniston for millenia, we'll have to wait and see.

  • brian

    I want to be her slave for ever. I would eat her shit if she told me to. Jen is a Goddess.

  • cop

    The editors chose her, not common men. She is so plain. Her publicist is getting a talking to because it is causing a backlash and will hurt her instead of help her. Honestly, even Jen knows she ain't all that.

  • kk all day
    kk all day

    wow she so is not men are so going for averagegirl next store shit shes ok but there are way way way hotter women

  • dumbestseni

    Jennifer Aniston is America's princess!!! she got lots of competition as the hottest woman of all time, but none if you give her a title of America's Princess. Everyone will be happy!

  • Robert Dubois
    Robert Dubois

    I would love to see that whole leg. I am in love with this woman. Brad pitt is stupid.

  • monk

    jenifler is a really but really ugliest women on Hollywood- I saw five women sexier than that trashy skank getting on the train this morning, give me a break

  • Maldwyn Dobbs
    Maldwyn Dobbs

    Jennifer Aniston has come a long way since 'Friends'. I think she gets more beautiful as she gets older.

  • courtneybaaaby


  • Gemma Stevens
    Gemma Stevens

    Rachel Green was hot :)

  • fucker

    not the seixst but i guess you know she looks so awesome for 42 like and natural

  • Laura White
    Laura White

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  • lannie

    This is ridiculous!! Raquel Welch is the hottest woman of all time, PERIOD!!

  • Dana

    Are these people insane? The hottest woman ever was and always will be Elizabeth Taylor. Followed by Hedy Lamarr and Vivien Leigh. I miss the days of old Hollywood. Jennifer Aniston would NEVER have made it back then. You had to have talent. Something she does not possess.

  • Nick

    In the top 100 okay, but my list would include Marilyn, Raquel Welch, Kristin Kreuk, Diane Lane, Jessica Alba, Anna Kournikova, Halle Berry, Bond girl Mie Hama, Emmanuelle Chiriqui, Monica Belluci,

  • ashley

    I really like her, but I wouldn't say "hottest", I think the Victoria Secret models are H O T !

  • kru

    I love her because she is one of those girls who doesnt really try hard to look sexy, it just naturally comes out. and she is funny that makes it more alluring nothing beats a girl with a good humor, so kudos to the hottie!

  • hottieville805

    GO JEN!! She is amazing! She deserves it!! Love her! :)