‘Snow White & the Huntsman’ vs. ‘Young Adults’: Charlize Theron Doesn’t Compare Characters

Plunging Charlize
Theron wears a daring dress in NYC.
Charlize Theron has been super busy with the recent premiere of her new comedy, Young Adult. We are keeping her on our radar, not only because she is the most beautiful star in Hollywood, but because she also stars in the 2012 release of Snow White and the Huntsmen alongside Twilight leading lady Kristen Stewart.

In Young Adult, Charlize plays an immature writer and former prom queen who moves back home to win over her high school sweetheart—who is inconveniently happily married. Her character may be just as dark as her character in Snow White and the Huntsmen. Ok… maybe not quite as evil as the queen she plays, but close enough.

When asked to compare complexities of characters she has played in the past (and future), she answered:

“They are just different. I don’t really have a barometer and mark them down in numbers. They are struggling with different things and dealing with things differently.”

Charlize says, “The hardest thing on a movie is to shoot out of continuity and to remember what that thread is. And truth, right? Not to get stuck in acting world.”

Speaking of another world, a representative from the acting world where vampires and werewolves roam the streets was also at the New York City premiere of Young Adult! Elizabeth Reaser, otherwise known as Esme Cullen, plays the wife of Patrick Wilson, the man Charlize’s character is trying to steal. We asked her exclusively about how she feels with the Twilight Saga coming to an end with only one more movie to go. She replied:

“We are just so excited. I’m just happy that the fans love the movie. I heard people have gone to see it more than once and we love that.”

Which movie are you more excited to see? Young Adult or Snow White and the Huntsmen? Think Charlize will be a good match for KStew? Let us know in the comments!