The All-American Rejects Tease Upcoming Album (VIDEO)

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The All-American Rejects’ dirty little secret is out — they have a new album being released in the Spring of 2012, and Celebuzz has an exclusive teaser for the highly anticipated tunes. 

Drummer Chris Gaylor described the album (the title not yet revealed), disclosing: “Remember when you were on the cusp of being an adult? You know, you were like 16, 17 years old kid, and, you know, I guess you were too young to count but too old to care. … It’s about the time when you had almost zero accountability for whatever you did and you felt invincible.”  

He also gave a little insight into the title track, saying: 

“The lyrics paint a pretty vivid picture. That [song] could probably explain more than anyone could, what the album is about really.”

Check out more tidbits from Chris in the black and white video above, then head over to Idolator for another exclusive video with Reject vocalist/guitarist Tyson Ritter

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