Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Billy Ray Cyrus Questions!

Billy Ray Cyrus: Celebrity Mailbag
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Ever wanted to know more about Billy Ray Cyrus? Now is your chance! 

Billy Ray shot to fame with his very first single, "Achy Breaky Heart," which became a crossover megahit and is still known as his signature song (although he's had several successful albums since). Natch, a younger generation knows him for another reason -- as the star of Hannah Montana with his daughter Miley Cyrus! Fans can look forward to watching him this holiday season in the Hallmark Channel original movie Christmas Comes Home to Canaan.

He’s dropping by our offices on Friday afternoon (Dec. 16), so your time to get your most pressing questions in is fading!

How do you participate?

Simply Like” Celebuzz on Facebook and then submit your question for Billy Ray in the comments section below! He’ll choose his favorites and answer them for you all.

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  • diana

    do you remember the dance moves from the ABH video? could you do them again?

  • cooperpooper

    what do you prefer more...recording? performing? writing? or acting?

  • Scarjo88

    What was it like working with Miley on the set of Hannah Montana?

  • MileyFan93

    what was it like being on '90210' this season?

  • cooperpooper

    what is the best live venue you have ever played in?

  • Jenn

    Have you ever wondered what happened to your Reeboks you wore in ABH video? Would you like to have them back?

  • Marianne DeBili
    Marianne DeBili

    Good morning i am happy that we are seeing more of you ,i own every movie that you made also every cd .i wish you would post your tv interviews on your web page so we can see what you are doing ,it is very hard to try and track down every tv station.have a blessed Christmas .a long time fan