Celebrity Mailbag: Metro Station Talks Loss of Trace Cyrus (VIDEO)

In today’s celebrity mailbag, Metro Station answers Celebuzz fan questions! You asked, they answered. One burning topic was the departure of Trace Cyrus, who co-founded the band with Mason Musso. When Trace made his exit, the band continued as a trio. 

“I had three solos on the first record and co-wrote most of the music,” says Mason. “It’s been a real easy process writing the new record.”

The guys add that their biggest musical influences include U2, The Cure and My Bloody Valentine.

Then it was time for the really difficult questions, namely, what super powers would they most like to have?!? 

“I’d have all the super powers,” quips keyboardist Ryan Daly.

“Anything with fire would be cool,” says Mason. “I’m kind of a pyro. 

But it’s drummer Anthony Improgo who busts out with the most hilarious answer, when he says he’d like to be able to disappear so he can be “invincible,” when he means “invisible.” The guys all burst into laughter!