Liz Lemon Has a Secret in ’30 Rock’ Season Six Promo (VIDEO)

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We are SO ready for Liz Lemon’s return!

After a brief hiatus (thanks to Tina Fey welcoming her second daughter in August), 30 Rock returns on January 12 and it looks like Liz is hiding something from the TGS cast.

What could it be?! A new man in her life? Or maybe even a — gasp — baby?!

We’re not really sure, but Kelsey Grammer (aka Frajerrr!) is here to help. Our money is on a baby, if you watch the show, you know how much Liz has wanted kids over the years. Although, it looks as though she’s sipping on what appears to be alcohol at the end of the clip, so maybe that’s not it.

Check out the hilarious promo above!

What do YOU think is Liz’s big secret? Share your theories in the comments, and be sure to tune in to 30 Rock when it returns January 12 at 8 PM on NBC!