‘Young Adult’: The Movie Everyone’s Talking About (VIDEO)

Theron's Sexy Dresses
Charlize stuns for 'Adult' premieres.
Plunging Charlize
Theron wears a daring dress in NYC.
Charlize Gets Lacy
The starlet stuns in a black and nude minidress.
By now, you’ve probably all seen Breaking Dawn and need some good old box office action this weekend. You’ve also probably heard all the buzz surrounding Young Adult. So, it seems like a perfect scenario, no?

Adult, starring the always-gorgeous Charlize Theron and always-hysterical Patton Oswalt, has been earning raves from critics and fans alike who have gotten to see it in previews and screenings. It’s written by Juno scribe Diablo Cody, so you can expect a fair amount of sarcasm and uncomfortable comedy — and apparently one whopping performance from Charlize. In the San Francisco Chronicle review, the writer declares:

A dark comedy that confirms Diablo Cody as a screenwriter of importance, eliminates the last shred of doubt that Jason Reitman is a major director and gives Charlize Theron her best showcase since “Monster.”

So laughing and seeing great performances is your thing — you know what to do this weekend.