Celebuzz Awards 2011: Nominees for Breakout Celeb (POLL)

The Celebuzz Awards roll on! Today we want to know: Who was the biggest breakout celeb of 2011 - Melissa McCarthy, Nicki MinajChris Hemsworth, Cee Lo Green or Rob Kardashian?

These celebs stood out from the Hollywood pack and really stole the spotlight. Some are new stars who made a sparkling debut, while others are established artists who broke through to the masses and earned major recognition for their work.

Nominees were selected by our most popular and heavily commented stories throughout the year, making the breakout Celebuzz stars all fan generated. 

Who made the biggest impact on you this year? Vote in our poll to tell us who you think should win! Be sure to vote the Most Fashionable and Most BUZZ Worthy celebs of 2011 too! 



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  • Toya

    you all need a life,i can bet miss she dont have a job or a life...nobody knows you...you are irrelevant in very way you can think of.go get a life and stop hate.

  • Jonathan Siewert
    Jonathan Siewert

    I didn't vote because I don't like any of these people.

  • Kerri Powers
    Kerri Powers

    What has he done? He isn't an athlete,actor,or even have a job. So what is he breaking out of? He isn't a star thats for sure! The other nominees are sitcom stars,musicians,and movie stars. Ahhh what's wrong with this picture? Rob is nothing but a loser,and the other nominees should be pissed they even put him in the same category!!

  • Linda

    I think Rob did a wonderful job on DWTS!! He proved himself in my book. He worked hard and really proved he could do it himself and he was not carried by the Kardashian name. Come on people give him the credit he is due!! Don't let the hate for his family take away from his hard work and effort. The boy could shake is groove thing!!!

  • Kardashian nation
    Kardashian nation

    ROB IS GONNA WINNNNN!! HELL YA! GO ROB!! He sooo deserves it!! XOXO @ashley....oh please...girl get a life! u dont know crap!

  • Toya

    @ Ashley you miserable little bitch please go get a life i see how pathetic your life is.

  • ashley

    that's funny people would vote for Rob, Uhhh, what has been doing besides living off his sister, khloe? He rides her sofa 24/7 to pick up an allowance. That's just a fact Oh, silly me...he went on dwts & got sympathy votes bc of who his sisters are. Those teenie boppers will do it everytime, lmfao at those twits!