Happy 2nd Birthday, Mason Disick! Look Back at His Cutest Moments (PHOTOS)

Happy Birthday, Mason!
Mason Disick's Cutest Moments

Celebrity kids are growing up so fast! And today, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's son Mason turns two! The adorable tot, who will soon be a big brother, is definitely one of the cutest kids in Hollywood.

The Kardashian Klan has been pouring their love out for the little man, starting with Kris Jenner, who gushed via Twitter,

"Happy Birthday Mason my little angel!!! You are 2 today!!! Wooohooo I love you!!!"
In honor of Mason's b-day, we've compiled his most adorable moments! Click through the gallery to see the pics.

Right after Kourtney gave birth in 2009, she told Life & Style, "I’m just loving all the time with him. I really don’t miss my old life. I can’t imagine life without Mason now." Aww!

And in an official blog post from last year, Auntie Kim gushed about the tot, writing, "Words can’t express how much little Mase has changed my life. He is such a blessing to our family and watching him grow into a gorgeous little man is so amazing. Looking back at all these pics, it’s crazy to see how fast he has grown… it seems like just yesterday we were all at the hospital with Kourtney for his birth, and now he’s walking around all on his own and I can barely lift him."



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  • Llanero

    , I could palrbboy make such an argument for sleeping in the crib as well . At the end of the day, it's a personal decision and each parent(s) need to decide what is best for their child and family.

  • Sue Henry
    Sue Henry

    What is up with the band aid by Mason's eye??? I could swear that sometimes its on the other eye. Is anyone else noticing it? All kids get boo boos, but this has been weeks.

  • LaToya

    love the look!

  • kristi

    hes come a loong way since his 1st bday party he looks sooo much better, still looks like a 50 year old man but much much better!

  • ritu

    high five mason

  • Kym Smith
    Kym Smith

    Sorry....pic number 20 .....Go Mason!

  • Kym Smith
    Kym Smith

    New baby-hair hair- gel. Go Mason! Call it "BAD" with a :) logo. Bet it sales. He is the cutest thing. Scott has good genes too.

  • Susan J.
    Susan J.

    He is sooooo cute!!

  • Emily Torres
    Emily Torres

    Baby Mason ! ♥

  • alicia williams
    alicia williams

    Love his lil swagger it stay on point cant wate to see how the new baby dress if its a girl

  • Michelle

    Love it...

  • Kardashian nation
    Kardashian nation

    awww love that lil man! too cute & so adorable! XO

  • karina

    looks like chuky :S (Childs Play) scary....

  • Hina

    he looks soooo adorbs!!

  • Kimberly Marques
    Kimberly Marques

    Kathy you are so right! phatmama, when you have children, God bless you with the right mind set, and if you already do have children ..... no comment.

  • kathy

    Cute pic of You and Mason... From Kathy in FL

  • kathy

    Love the orange boots Kourt!!

  • kathy

    When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I carried my 2yr old daughter. Kourtney probably feels safer carryin Mason with all the poparazzi and crazzies following them everywhere.

  • hadenough

    Isn't it interesting that Mason wasn't on the show last season because they only wanted to pay him $1,000/episode and Scott wanted more. . Now he's on this season earning $3,000/episode. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to pimping out your kids.

  • canabera

    Finally, someone with the courage to say this child isn't cute. He wasn't a cute baby either. People feel they have to say babies and little kids are cute and many aren't. He may perhaps grow up to be the best looking of them all. Kourtey and Scott are attractive.

  • joyceceleb

    Happy birthday adorable boy mason! kiss you!

  • 53Percent

    Yes, that is SO true...thought it was just me ! And Bo is correct also. It's the dark eyebrows...and the Dumbo ears don't help much. (But you KNOW his parents will get those pinned back! lol) Seems like a sweet, happy child and he's turning 2, ok, Happy B-Day and all, but to pretend this child is "adorable"....ahmm...no, not so much. PLUS, you put ANY kid in a $500 Burberry sweater and s/he is going to look good ! Between his family's over whelming greed and get rich at ALL COSTS (including, but not limited to, releasing a SEX tape) and his Father's narcissistic personality disorder...does this innocent child stand a chance at leading any sort of a decent, fulfilling life? Seems hard to imagine ...sad :-( It's a shame that this women made a conscious decision to breed with that cretin.... AGAIN . She seems like a nice enough person, with a decent head on her shoulders...but she CLEARLY lacks self esteem....hopefully one day when she's done using that fool as a sperm donor, she'll find a REAL man and maybe that man will get this poor child out of the spotlight and he'll lead a normal life...here's hoping !

  • Lexii

    Cool shoes

  • Lexii

    Just to cute.

  • Lexii

    Who's the guy behind you?

  • phatmama

    put his ass dwn she always carry n him he 2

  • alexa

    I think that are children are beautiful because they are so innocent and precious.

  • Bo

    it's just because of his dark eyebrows.. most kids don't show dark eyebrows at that age. I think he's cute & adorable. Happy 2nd mason! & i do hope you grow up like your family.. no one is flawless, although it seems like people forget about that!

  • Ed


  • sugar lips
    sugar lips

    time flies! i remenber Kourtney giving birth on the show, it was beautiful. He's a little man now all grown up happy bday

  • ashley

    It's true, he does have an old man face, but I think he's growing out of it. Maybe...who knows, time will tell.

  • Vani

    happy 2nd birthday Mason!

  • Alexander Shakhray
  • Ana Cho
    Ana Cho

    Am I the only one who doesnt want to pretend this kid is cute? If he was a poor child, no one would be kissing his ass. Come on, he's got an odd adult face. Kourtney doesnt help by growing a mullet on him. Anyways, with that aside, I wish him lots of fun on his bday. Hopefully, he'll grow to be a normal and well ajusted person. Kinda hard given he's been raised in this greedy family.


    Happy Birthday Mason <3<3 we love youuuuuuuuuuuu