Kelly Clarkson Launches Global Flash Mob in Video for ‘What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)’ (VIDEO)

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Following the success off her top 10 hit Mr. Know It All, Kelly Clarkson has released the video for the second single off Stronger, the power-anthem What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger).

In the catchy video, released Wednesday online, the rock-happy American Idol winner starts a flash mob that spreads around the world, allowing her fans to join in on the fun.

Just how did she do it? According to reports, Kelly – who announced yesterday that she’s recorded a new duet with Demi Lovato – released the choreography prior to the video to give fans the chance to record it for themselves. Fun!

What do you think of Kelly’s new video? Is it the next Since U Been Gone? Or could she have done better? Check it out now, then sound off in the comments!