Kendall Jenner Addresses Haters, Sparkles on Cover of TeenPROM Magazine (PHOTO)

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Kendall Jenner looks dazzling in blue on the cover of TeenPROM magazine! The cover girl dished about what it's like living her life in front of cameras practically 24/7 and what her sisters told her about having haters out there.

“[They tell me] not to listen to what other people say because people are mean,” Kendall told the mag. “I just don’t look at the Internet and what people say because it can bring you down.”

Kendall, 16, has grown up in front of the reality cameras and she said it was something she had to get used to:

“I used to be really shy around the cameras when we started filming, but I think Kylie and I are both used to it now. It’s normal for us.”

Now, Kendall is taking that attitude to the runway!

“[My sisters] said, ‘Be you, have fun with it, be confident.’ Once I got out there, I felt more comfortable.

“When the lights are up, you can’t really see the audience, which made it a little better,” Kendall added. “I had a lot of fun -- I want to do it again.”

Check out Kendall's latest photo shoot below:



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  • sheila

    oh, young girl, it isn't your fault. it's your mom's (and sisters'). she/they should get all the hate.

  • Alix Verriest
    Alix Verriest

    Got out the media and we wont hate you anymore

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  • Danielle

    She looks pretty and age appropriate :)

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