Kimora Speaks Out: Everybody’s All-American

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Valarie Kaur, director of Groundswell, said it best: “We are hungry to see ourselves in another.”

Home Improvement chain Lowe’s recent decisions to pull their advertising from TLC’s popular series “All-American Muslim” is a disturbing reminder that there exist among us those who would seek to use bigotry as a tool to prevent all of us from truly seeing each other.

For that reason alone, I’m joining my friends and over 24,000 Americans in expressing my anger regarding Lowe’s and several advertisers DECISION to terminate their sponsorship of the program. These companies have done so at the behest of the Florida Family Association, a hate group whose toxic message uses religion to marginalize Americans like you and I and foster an environment of fear.

In the case of “All-American Muslim”, culture warriors are opposed to the program because it portrays Muslims as everyday citizens and includes no extremist agenda.

We can’t allow this group or their ideology to succeed. Because whoever you are; they’re coming for you. You’re next.

This country is about the merging of cultures and identities with the ultimate realization that fundamentally we are the same. Don’t let hate distract you and narrow your view of humanity.

I’m proud to add my voice to the chorus of those who stand up for freedom of religious expression.

I won’t be manipulated by fools from the fringe into conflating the acts of a group of relatively few extremist fanatics with an entire faith observed peacefully by millions of people worldwide.

Islam is a decidedly peaceful religion and I support all peaceful acts of religious faith over the world.

It is Lowe’s and the Florida Family Association that are the fanatics.

Regarding the cowardice of advertisers standing in the way of ethnic understanding, I’ll echo the thoughts of my dear friend and business partner Russell Simmons:

Save your faux-pology, Lowe’s. You keep your money and we’ll keep ours.