Lindsay Lohan Earns Praise From Judge, Tones Down Court Wardrobe (PHOTOS)

Bikini Lindsay in Hawaii
Lohan has some beach time.
Lindsay Gets Leggy
Lindsay Lohan gets bares her legs in New York.
Lindsay Lohan has raised some eyebrows with her (many) courtroom wardrobe choices, so when she arrived to her probation progress hearing on Wednesday looking as demure as she ever has to go before the judge, it was almost as jarring as when she’d show up sporting serious cleavage.

Lindsay made her way into the Los Angeles courthouse once again, adding yet another outfit to her ever-growing list of courtroom outfits. This time, perhaps trying to go in the opposite direction of her recent Playboy spread, Lindsay was pretty much covered up from head to toe (save for her unbuttoned top), and wore muted khaki and brown colors to keep the look even more toned down.

So how’d her hearing go?

Lindsay is on track and doing well just one month after a judge warned her that any violation of her probation or community service terms would result in some serious jailtime. Judge Stephanie Sautner, who has been pretty harsh when it comes to throwing accusations at Lohan, opened the hearing with a compliment for the first time ever.

“Miss Lohan, you have actually done your work,” she said.

Only her leopard-print bag had any pop of flair — perhaps showing a change of heart for Lohan, who barely made it back to California in time for the hearing. Lindsay was in Hawaii over the weekend for some beach fun following the leak of her Playboy spread. Lindsay was photographed splishing and splashing in the Pacific sporting a skimpy bikini, and she seemed unphased by the leak of her nude photos.