100 Days of ‘Hunger Games’: Josh Hutcherson Talks Role, Baking Skills and More! (VIDEO)

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We are officially 100 days out until Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games hits theaters on March 23, so Celebuzz is launching 100 Days of Hunger Games! Every day, we will bring you a little something to get you ready for the much anticipated release.

We will have character guides, a Hunger Games encyclopedia, dive into the scenes we’re dying to see and also have a book club so you can read the first book with us for the first (or tenth) time. Yep, that’s right — for the next 100 days, Celebuzz is going Hunger Games crazy — because we’re just as psyched for the movie as you are.

Here to kick off day 1 is Peeta Mellark himself, Josh Hutcherson! Celebuzz sat down with Josh in LA recently, where we talked about some challenging physical and emotional scenes, Jennifer Lawrence, and who would actually win a real-life Hunger Games (among other things). What did Josh tell us gives him the edge in a real-life fight-to-the-death battle? Find out below (and bookmark this link for all of our 100 Days of Hunger Games content to come)!

“Jennifer’s portrayal of Katniss is so spot on,” Josh said, complimenting his costar. “She really does encapsulate Katniss’ strength as a heroine perfectly. She to me is the one that stands out immediately.”

So who would win a real-life Hunger Games: Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, or Josh?

“That’s a tough question, honestly. I grew up playing outside, playing in the woods. I’m very into camping and survivalist kinda things. I watch a lot of Man Vs. Wild, so I feel like I’m well prepared in that sense. It would be a close one,” Josh smiled. “I might be a frontrunner in that battle, I’m not sure!”

Josh also discussed differences and similarities between himself and Peeta. One thing he has in common with his character, who is the son of a baker?

“I can bake. I can bake a mean apple pie. A French apple pie!” Hutchinson proudly added with a big grin on his face. “That’s how good I am. I can bake a little, I made some loaves of bread that weren’t that bad actually. I’m more of a grill master.”

Watch the video above for way more of Josh like challenging physical scenes, his chemistry with Jennfer and tons more! We will also have more from Josh throughout our 100 Days of Hunger Games celebration. Tune in tomorrow for Chapter. 1 of our book club!