Sneak Peek Inside Kendall Jenner’s Sweet 16 (VIDEO)

Kendall's Bikini Fun!
Kendall Jenner splashes around on the beach.
Kendall and Kylie Pics!
The Jenner girls through the years!
Kendall Jenner rang in her sweet 16 in style last month, and now E! has brand new footage from her upcoming birthday special. For Kendall’s Sweet 16, the Kardashians are ready to throw her a birthday bash she won’t forget, but it doesn’t come without drama. With Kris Jenner wanting to give her a blowout party, Kendall fears the soiree will be out of control! The episode will follow her as she looks for a car — and considers getting a belly button ring or a tattoo.

Watch the clip above and tune into E! on Monday, December 19th at 9pm for the premiere.

Meanwhile, you can win a gift bag from Kendall’s sweet 16 and grab the very same gift bag her guests received at her party!