The $90 Million Question: Can You Guess The Top Earning Female Singer? (PHOTOS)

Kid Sisters: Best Year!
2011 was the year of celebrity kid sisters!
Girls really do run the world. 

When it comes to music, ladies dominated the charts and sales this year — but who came in at number one? Although Britney Spears has plenty to celebrate with a chart-topping album (and new engagement), she ranked at the bottom of the top 10.

This top selling artist made an astounding $90 million dollars in 2011, according to Forbes. That can buy a lot of sequins for those sexy stage costumes!  

Although everyone on the list made a ton of cold hard cash, there is little doubt that Lady Gaga has set the standard for global domination by a pop artist. She set the standard this year, with the number ranked money maker, Taylor Swfit, earning only half what Gaga made this year. Katy Perry came in at a close third place with $44 million. 

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