100 Days of ‘Hunger Games’: A Look Back at Actresses Who Auditioned for Katniss (PHOTOS)

Meet the 'Games' Cast
Get to know the 'Hunger' cast and who's in talks.
A battle was already raging well before production began on The Hunger Games! Prior to Lionsgate’s decision to cast Jennifer Lawrence as the female lead in the series, many of Hollywood’s up-and-comers stepped forward to audition for Katniss Everdeen. In March, Entertainment Weekly reported that approximately 30 actresses were in talks for the coveted role, among which included Emma Roberts, Emily Browning, Abigail Breslin and Chloe Moretz

In the end, these starlets may have talent but the odds were just not in their favor. Click through our gallery to see who almost became The Girl On Fire!

For co-starJosh Hutcherson, Jennifer was the perfect actress to play HG’s protagonist. 

“Jennifer’s portrayal of Katniss is so spot on,” he told Celebuzz. “She really does encapsulate Katniss’ strength as a heroine perfectly. She to me is the one that stands out immediately.”

Adding onto Josh’s plethora of praises for Jennifer, director Gary Ross only had compliments for the actress as well. When it was announced that he had casted the 21-year-old as Katniss, he gushed to Entertainment Weekly about her audition, saying:

She came in and read for me and it just knocked me out. I don’t want to go into too many details, but we did a scene from the movie and it was so amazingly powerful that it was sort of stunning. You glimpsed every aspect of the role and the potential of the whole movie.

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