Exclusive: Jonathan Cheban Dishes on Kim Kardashian’s Book Blow Up, Kris Humphries

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The latest episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York was full of drama — especially after Kim Kardashian believed her friend Jonathan Cheban was trying to sell a tell-all book on her. She eventually blows up on the Spin Crowd star and saying, “You’re using me just like everyone else!” Later, Kim realizes she was in the wrong when she receives the actual book excerpt and it is about “How to be an It girl.”

Celebuzz recently ran into Jonathan, who dished about the fight and his upcoming confrontation with Kris Humphries.

During Kim’s restaurant explosion, Cheban admits was “confused” by Kim’s allegations but “knew she would figure it out.”

Although he wasn’t ready to accept her first apology, the BFFs kiss and make up after Kim writes a heartfelt forward to his book. “I wasn’t surprised. Kim is the nicest person I know. I knew she would do something super nice,” Jonathan told us, adding “that was our first and last fight.”

He’s still working on the book, adding he has many upcoming projects lined up, including a jewelry and men’s clothing line as well as developing “a huge TV show.”

Although he has patched his friendship with Kim, Jonathan faces off against Kris Humphries, who calls him gay on next week’s episode. While Jonathan wouldn’t say much, he tells fans “not to make any assumptions.” Hmm.. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what goes down!

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