Kendall Jenner Talks Sweet 16, Dating and Tattoos on 'Access'

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It's a big day for the Kardashian and Jenner family. Not only did their 2011 Christmas card hit the web earlier today, but later this evening, Kendall Jenner's sweet 16 party will be what everyone's watching during its E! special.

In advance of the show, Kendall hit up Access Hollywood to chat with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, and while her big bash was the initial topic of conversation, Kendall blushed a bit when Billy started peppering her with questions about dating and some new ink.

Kendall admitted that "My dad always told me I could start dating when I was 16, so I guess it's time." Still, she says that aside from a fourth grade relationship that was just as awkward for her as it was for everyone else who has had an elementary school romance, she hasn't had a serious boyfriend.

Also discussed was a neck tattoo that Kendall had wanted, which dad Bruce Jenner was very vocally against. In the long run though, Kendall got her ink -- which Bush took a peek at.

"It was kind of a hard thing to go through because he would say no, and then he would say OK and then he would say no," Kendall said about the ongoing debate to get her tattoo.

As for her party, Kendall says "at first I just wanted a simple little get-together ... and then my mom and my sisters were like 'It's your sweet 16, you have to do something big!' It wound up being a lot of fun."

You can see it all Monday night on E! at 9p EST.



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  • alice

    you are a bunch of sick perverts

  • justaguy

    I'd watch that show!

  • dave1001

    I'd so like to see Kendall and Kylie get their own spinoff show on E! Ideally, I'd love it to feature lots of scenes of them sitting around their rooms in their underwear, lol. The best would be getting to see their morning routine as they get ready for school in the morning....showering, picking out clothes, even using the bathroom! Would be so cute seeing Kendall and Kylie sitting on the toilet, peeing, maybe even talking to the camera as they were doing it. That's my dream anyway! :)

  • lucy

    i feel sick at grown men and women insulting kendall jenner, she's 16 and you are only judging her on her family, mainly her mom and sister kims mistakes and fame hungry personalities. she has been working hard the last two years becoming a respectable hard working young model. her mothers longing for fame does not reflect the personality and the work ethic of this young girl.

  • Naattx

    Like most 16 year olds nowadays don't do whatever they want... Kendall seems so down to earth and lovely, most 16 year olds wouldn't even wait for their parent's permission before they got tattoos/piercings etc. If you act mature then you get treated the same, and have respect.

  • ana

    THIS IS ALL AN ACT, her mom is making her take interviews on every news her mom can get her hands on.

  • Where Have all the Parents Gone?
    Where Have all the Parents Gone?

    It's okay for a 16y/o to get a tattoo on her neck because...