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Hey dolls!

I just wanted to start this post off by saying how warm of a welcome Lamar and I have received since arriving in Dallas. Everyone is just so nice and we already feel at home. So in the spirit of kindness and giving, I’ve decided to host a toy drive for the Children’s Hospital of Dallas so that we can bring smiles to all of the amazing children spending their holiday there.

As you may know, I already do a lot of work with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and now that I live here, I want to start doing work with this hospital. :)

The toy drive will take place at City Hall Plaza this Wednesday, December 21, from 12pm – 2pm and ALL are welcome. I will sign autographs, take photos, whatever you dolls want, as long as you have an unwrapped (still in the packaging though) toy for children of all ages (especially stuff for teens) to donate! For health purposes, we will not be accepting stuffed animals, or anything unpackaged for that matter, with the exception of books.

In my past experience with this, I’ve found that fun card games and things the children can play with in bed always make the best presents. Here are a few examples of fun things to bring: Monopoly Deal, Scrabble Slam Cards, SORRY! Revenge Card Game, Yahtzee Hands Down Card Game, etc. Target or Walmart are both great places to find games like these!

Here’s the address of the Toy Drive:

1500 Marilla St. Dallas TX, 75201

I can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday and feel free to leave questions below and I can answer. Love you all!!!! xoxoxo

P.S. Here are some pics from one of my last visits to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles — will be posting pics from my visit to the Dallas Children’s Hospital soon!



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  • paul

    very special set of pictures, awesome

  • Pedro Salazar
    Pedro Salazar

    Never mind. For some reason I was certain you were collecting marital toys.



  • Tiffany

    What time does the drive start?

  • Julie

    I can't believe I'm going to say this because I absolutely loathe this family but Khloe is the ONLY one that seems like a real person. She seems like loads of fun and is the only one with a personality and a brain in her head. Too bad she has to deal with the trainwreck that is her family. I think I would have even more respect for her if she broke away from the K franchise and did her own thing without showing us on E! channel.

  • alice23


  • zoe

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  • Khara

    Hi Khloe, I am very excited about the toy drive! I have only lived in Dallas for a year now and I am still adapting :) you and Lamar moving to Dallas has been the most exciting part so far! I am a true fan and also a true fan of helping others so thank you for being so kind to the less fortunate this time of year. I work the day of your toy drive but I am going to go in a late cause I truly want to giveback and meet you. See ya Wednesday!!! :) :) :)

  • Gina

    So if she leaves are YOU going to donate? No. So stfu and mind your own business if you dont like what she is doing.

  • Jasmine

    Khloe you have a huge heart for doing this. It's appreciated from the bottoms of their sweet little hearts. A BIG TEXAS welcome to you and Lamar. Ya'll will LOVE Dallas! By the way... all of your sisters are beautiful, but you just stand out. You're the realest and are absolutely gorgeous. I love your style and you have an amazing body and curves! You're the sexiest! Lamar is one lucky man! And you have a great sense of humor :-)!

  • Kristina

    I love the way yall really care about others and not just ur selfs cause most stars u wouldent see them doing this it peaple like yall that change things and peaple. Thank yall for careing.

  • Lala

    Did you not read? She said in her experience with doing toy drives & donating things herself, those are the types of things that many of the patients like. She said Target or Walmart(which are competing stores so why would they both pay her) to help some get a better idea where they could get nice gifts for the kids. The nail polish is actually sold at other places, but Walmart is the main one that sells Nicole by OPI.

  • Mel

    Welcome to Texas Khloe & Lam Lam!! I think what you are doing for the children is a blessing! I hope you get a warmer welcome than some of the haters on here. I just wish they wouldn't take up space on your comment page so that the ppl who love you and Lam Lam can put encouraging words. Great Job Khloe!! I respect you and your ENTIRE family! Every one keeps forgetting who your father was, so that means they will never understand a hard working Kardashian woman (including Kris). LOL, hope to get to see you at City Hall, if not I will be donating anyway. Anything for the children!

  • alexa

    feel better!

  • llissel

    is just 10 inch=)

  • alexa

    I hope these children get better...nobody deserves to be sick

  • llissel

    khloe you are awesome,I think you should donate your hair for children with cancer, I'm just saying because my mom,my sisters and me are doing it this week=) and you have a long and pretty hair=)

  • ashley

    hey Khloe welcome to Tx.Texas is my home! Thanks for helpin with kids this yr for christmas..wish i could join you at city hall plaza..hopefully one day soon i will be able to meet you and your family

  • finleybrad27

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  • Rob

    I'm really sorry..... But after reading this I can't help but wonder what the "angle/catch" is to this latest endeavor. Is it the mention & positioning of the "Target" & "Walmart" names in her post? Remember their nail polish line is sold "exclusively" at WalMart. Or is it the specific names of the toys/games listed? Are these all manufactured by "Mattel"??? Product placement / endorsements???? No doubt charitable donations are great but unfortunately I, among many others, do not trust anything from this family when they start throwing out names & products. It just all falls flat.............and people turn away. LOL - I now wonder if the mere fact that these names were put in the post garnered any endorsement payment for her????????

  • jm

    Hands down the realist and most beautiful Kardashian!!!!!!

  • Lindsay H
    Lindsay H

    For those of us not living in Dallas but who still want to donate, is there an address where we can send the gifts or should we just send them to the City Hall address??

  • Chelsea

    Never in my life did I think you would come to Dallas. Im so excited to go help out the children. I was a patient there for years for my epilespy. So I can understand what they may be going through. And I think its wonderful what your doing Khloe! I cant wait to meet you. Even though You wont respond to this, look out for me (Chelsea) :) Welcome to Dallas, I hope you stay (: Maybe ill get lucky and we can be friends :) I could always show you around. Just incase you consider it, heres my cell. 214-854-8883 Once again welcome to dallas :)

  • Melody

    I'm a Michigander, even I know there's a hospital by that name in Dallas....Your doing a good thing, Ms. Khloe K....even if ppl want you to go back to LA, ppl would still say horrible stuff about you....Can't win for losing! Your damned if you do, damned if you don't....Don't listen to the haters Ms. KK!!!!

  • Chey

    You're obviously not from Dallas, there IS a Children's Hospital Dallas, also called Children's Medical Center- Dallas.

  • ally


  • ally

    Yes there is.! im from dallas (: she will be hosting it for Childrens Hospital but it will be held at the City Hall

  • mary

    Khloe I love you. Out of the 3 of you guys you just seem to be so down to earth and more about your fans. I really look up to you. I think your a strong women and dont need to change not one bit... Thank you for being to real and just you.

  • Monica Z.
    Monica Z.

    ....great thing you are doing Khole.... And there is a hospital by that name...

  • Becky Hunter
    Becky Hunter

    Love you Khloe your awesome. Dallassite did you not read this? The toy drive will take place at City Hall Plaza this Wednesday, It does not say it will be at the hospital it says she does work with the hospital in LA.

  • Rachel Mya Watts
    Rachel Mya Watts

    I'm so excited Can't wait to help!!!!!<3

  • Rachel Mya Watts
    Rachel Mya Watts

  • Jackie

    What a role model for a children's hospital. Please leave Dallas and go back to LA.

  • Dallasite

    There is no hospital by that name in Dallas.