Ballerina Style Showdown: Suri Cruise vs. Charlotte Prinze (POLL)

it's a dance off!
Charlotte Prinze vs. Suri Cruise
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They're both adorable celebrity kids, but two enter and only one leaves the winner in a style showdown! Today, Suri Cruise and Charlotte Prinze were spotted in super cute ballerina outfits, showing off their celebrity style. Suri was on a playdate with dad Tom Cruise, while Charlotte was spotted with mom Sarah Michelle Gellar picking her up from dance class. 

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  • jacksteen

    Yet ANOTHER photo set of little SooWee inappropriately dressed. What's wrong with the dimwit $ciento Handlers ? I KNOW Teeny Tom and Stepford Katie haven't got a CLUE about being parents (cuz THEY'RE NOT !) but at least the Handlers from Gold Base could dress the Korean adoptee in warm clothing !