Celebrity Mailbag: Big Time Rush Reveal Wildest Wish List, Talk Tattoos & Obsessed Fans! (VIDEO)

BTR: Behind the Scenes!
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BTR: 'Elevate'!
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You asked the important questions and Big Time Rush answered them for Celebuzz!

We gave you the chance to ask anything, and you did! The boys in the band -- Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena and Logan Henderson -- came in to our offices to read through them all and answer your most burning questions.

Want to know more about BTR? Dive in to our celebrity mailbag! 

The guys were eager to answer what high-flying adventures they'd like to check off their bucket list, like sky diving! They also want to try dune boarding and snow kite surfing, which jokingly dub "snite surfing." 

When it comes to staying physically fit, James says their nightly shows are an "awesome cardio workout." He adds that "We sweat through a couple tee shirts." We can only imagine how much those would go for on eBay! 

One game they really like to play on the road is ultimate frisbee, which they can do anywhere -- even in the city. 

When it comes to their fans, they get big time love! They've received some high end items from one particular fan, which they all appreciate but hope she's saved some money for Christmas presents. Other fans wait in line for many hours -- even days -- to see a show!

Who makes the best cook and which one of them could pull off an earring? Watch the video to find out! 



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  • chelsey

    i love you btr you rock omg i can not talk i am 7 my name is chelsey i love you james you are hot i wonder what my friends are to say

  • miireyaa

    Is there a different video? The one described in the article is not the one that I see when I click the video, is it just me? I see the buzznet video that came out last week.