Jennifer Lopez Shakes Her Stuff in Steamy ‘Q’Viva’ Trailer (VIDEO)

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When Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony started working on the idea and execution of Q’Viva: The Chosen, they were a happily married couple with a big idea of a Latin music and dance competition show. Cut to today, and they’re a separated couple who are still going through with their big idea despite their personal problems.

In the trailer for Q’Viva, the show that Lopez and Anthony are keeping alive despite the demise of their marriage, there’s all sorts of Latin flavor and flair as scenes from various cultures and dance routines play out. In fact, Lopez can’t help herself in some of them, as she shakes it like a single lady in some as fire surrounds her — making for one hot trailer… literally!

Q’Viva: The Chosen is described on the show’s site as:

Straight to the core of Latin America and discovers your most authentic, genuine and talented entertainers. Leading the journey are superstar artists, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and acclaimed show producer, Jamie King. They will travel throughout Latin America in search of ‘The Chosen Ones’ who will prove they have the talent to represent their country. Jennifer and Marc will bring their newfound talent back to the United States, and with Jamie, they will have the grand task of creating the most spectacular Latin American live show ever seen, featuring world-class singers, musicians, dancers, acrobats and other amazing performers.

It will premiere January 28 on Univision.