Justin Bieber to Appear on Asher Roth’s Next Album, Raps on Hot 97.5 (VIDEO)

Bieber Shirtless in Miami
Justin Bieber lounges around while on Miami vacay!
Celeb Alter Egos
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Justin Bieber’s alter ego Shawty Mane is back! Shawty made an appearance on Hot 97.5 this week, gracing listeners with yet another rap.

The Biebs’ rhymes are getting noticed by the hip-hop community. Following his performance, Hot 97.5 DJ disclosed that he heard Justin will be making an appearance on Asher Roth’s upcoming album. 

What do you think of this news? Are Asher and Justin a good rapping pair? Play music critic in the comments!

The 17-year-old heartthrob was also the topic of conversation on CONAN Monday night when Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane joked about Justin’s Stewie necklace, saying it was “bootleg.” Check out that video below!