Kim Kardashian: So Inspired By This Amazing Girl!

I met the most amazing young girl in Haiti. Leanna Archer is just 16 years old, and is CEO, owner and founder of Leanna’s Inc., and founder of the Leanna Archer Education Foundation for underprivileged children in Haiti. She came to speak at the Haitian Artisan Fair and I was honestly blown away by her story. She started making her own hair products at the age of eight and shortly after launched her own company! She would take her grandmother’s formula and package them in her baby brother’s baby food jars.

Her products were such a great success and in 2008 Leanna launched the Leanna Archer Education Foundation. Leanna uses the money she makes from the sales of her products to help kids in Tabar, Haiti, providing over 200 kids there with three meals every day. Her goal is to build a school and give individual attention to the kids in the town, based on their skills and needs.

It is just so incredible to see such a young girl be so selfless, so motivated, and dedicated to providing so much for those who are less fortunate than her. Leanna is one of the most incredible people I have ever met and I hope her story will inspire you all, not only to be driven to achieve your own dreams, but also to use your fortune and wisdom to help others who are less fortunate.